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    Help Wanted - ChaosUT2


    forgive if this is not the correct forum for this type of post. However the makers of the ChaosUT mods are in need of some help. We have the immediate need of skinners and mappers (as well as always looking to add on more talent in the coding/modeling area as well). We have upcoming weapons, player models and vehicles we would like to introduce to the community and the time table will be much shorter if we can get this help now. We also have new and existing gametypes that can greatly benefit from their own maps (for example our version of CTF supports both CTF and vCTF maps at the same time). As well as enough coding working to keep many people busy adding in new features, bug killing and tweaking existing set of features.

    Some history about our mod:
    Chaos has been around since the Q2 days. We have always strived to provide a high quality FUN experience blurring the lines between a mod and the game itself. We concentrate more so on the quality vrs the quantity of our work. We have grown from a simple weapons mod to cover the spectrum and approaching TC like content (we have our own gametypes, gui, music, sounds, player models, weapons, ect). We have had at least 5 people leave the team to take up professional careers in the gaming development business. We also have been features on 3 CDs from the game developers (ID's Q2 Extremities, UT99 GOTY, UT2004 ECE), we have been the feature mod many times over at many of the unreal/quake sites, we have placed in every part of the current MSU contest (with several honorable mentions) as well as finished 2nd overall in the very first MSU contest. While any position is a non-paying position, any time the team gets money from a contract or a contest that money is shared equally among the team members.

    We need people that have experience in these fields. We would love to help everyone learn (as we had to start at the bottom), just for the time table we have and the work we want to do, there is no time for that. For mappers, modelers and skinners we would need to see some samples of work.

    If you have any questions or are interested send me a PM here, or hit our website ( to get my contact info. Thanks for your time today.

    edit: sorry I suck


      Hey Mars,

      hows it going?


        oh you know... good, still bitter about getting kicked off the team.. still bitter lol but thats life. You guys know you can have me back whenever you want, just ask.