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Two technical UED questions

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    Two technical UED questions

    1. Can we add new buttons or change buttons in UED?

    I'd like to have a button that locks selected object

    2. Can we run UED from a specified INI, so it can have its own keybinds?

    I cant believe i havent looked into this over the past 2+ years.

    1. Don't know.

    2. Maybe use the UEd's command line thing (look bottom of the screen)...


      1. Yes it's very possible, but I haven't a clue how to do it.

      2. Don't know.


        You can certainly have new buttons....


          1. There's a little lock icon in the lower bar by "ToggleVertexSnap". It seems to lock anything that isn't selected. Maybe it'll help.

          AngelMapper knows how to make buttons.

          2. Dunno?


            well you can run it using -Mod=w/e so you could just make a mode with a system folder with your ini in it. but that would be a pain


              fordy, your downlaod link doesnt work.

              fp doesnt recognize the file.

              anyways, i made some buttons.

              the "lock" at the bottom of ued is to lock the selection (i.e. hold onto a selection), but doesnt lock the object from moving... which is what i want.

              i want to set bLockLocation=true but dont see a command to do so.

              id also like a command to minimize/maximize viewports, or to simple toggle 4-panel view.


                Must be a file planet issue, the links are working now.


                  You can make it open using any ini you specify I believe. I used to have two shortcuts to launch ut2k3 one for my dad and one for me. Let me see if I can google it cause I forget how to do it.


                    2. Can we run UED from a specified INI, so it can have its own keybinds?
                    OK I found this. Now there should be a way to make it work for unrealed as well!!! Thats up to you to figure out.

                    This tut is to originally have two settings for UT2k3 one to play in and one for high quality screenies.

                    - Navigate to your UT2003System folder in Explorer.
                    - Copy the files ut2003.ini and user.ini and call those copies (for example) UT2003_HiQ.ini and user_HiQ.ini.
                    - Copy the shortcut you use to launch the game and rename it to "UT2003 High Quality" (or something like that).
                    - Right-click that new shortcut and choose "Properties" in the menu.
                    - Check the value in the field "Target". By default it'll be the path to your UT2003 executable. On my comp, it's:


                    Add your "high detail" ini's to that line as startup parameters, so it looks like this:

                    P:UT2003SystemUT2003.exe -ini=UT2003_HiQ.ini -userini=User_HiQ.ini

                    (Replace "P:" by your own correct drive letter and path and make sure the name of the ini's matches the one you chose when copying/renaming the original ini's).

                    Now just launch UT2 from that shortcut, and up all setting to holy-sh*t specs. It won't affect your default ini's anymore, so if you want to start playing, kill UT2 and relaunch it with the original shortcut