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New Beginner tutorial...UPDATED 11/03/02

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    Originally posted by Major A Payne
    Well Noc. Thanks muchly for pt4. Now I realise what I was doing wrong with regards to the stairs (my own stupid fault mind you). ANyway, please can you give me a clue as to correcting my diagonal texture query. Please bare in mind that my texturing is without problems up to this point and its not a 45 degree slope. Its much more gentle a slope than that (probably around 20 degrees or so).
    And a quote from the original email:

    Well one thing that you might want to run through is how to make a texture follow a sloping wall. I've managed to piece together a rudimentary map which is a smallish room, connected by two corridors which leads to a crossways. One branch is a slop which heads in an upwards direction, and eventually ends in a large room (where I've added a couple of rocket packs but can't get them to work so I'll just wait). Problem is the textures fine up to the sloping area.
    Just a quick clarification: is it the texture on the slope itself that you're having problems with or lining up the floor of your new room with the slope texture?

    Here's a quick shortcut that might solve your problem. This was suggested to me by Rob--it's basically one of those cases where a simpler method is always right there, but you don't trust it until you try it out... When you highlight a texture, you can copy and paste it just as in any Windows program. In your case, you might try highlighting the texture on the floor of your hallway and hitting [CTRL] + C. Then highlight the slope texture and press [CTRL] + V. This should paste the texture from your hallway onto your slope with all the basic settings such as size and direction. You might still have to line it up a bit using the Texture pan tool, but you don't have to guess at the numbers to size it to fit.

    Hope this helps!



      Bump for the tut and for Part V! C'mon! Please?:cry:


        thank you

        thanx man !!!


          Eagerly awaiting next update....


            Just wanted to let you all know that the next update is coming soon. It's half written, but I was sidetracked today by setting up these tutorials with PlanetUnreal. After Part V is written, I plan to put a preliminary site together with plans in the works to expand it quite a bit. But, once it's up, I'll update the links at the top of this thread.

            Just wanted to keep you all in the loop...

            Take care,


              im on the edge of my seat!!!!


                This thread belongs on Page 1, I wonder if someone is going to *bump* it




                    Great tutorials man! Even though my static meshes never align but that's ok can't wait for part 5 man!


                      BUMP BUMPBUMP


                        sooooo, ...... might I ask,
                        you know.............just in passing.....
                        how that is..............when..........err...
                        PART 5 WHERE IS IT MAN?????????

                        is it getting there??
                        just wondering!


                          Worthy of a *bump* methinks....

                          Text versions of the first four lessons are available online!


                          thanks to donka for hosting the files. They are available in Word2000 and PDF format.

                          Will keep an eye on this thread for Noctivagus to post Part 5 and translate it for text readers! Keep it up Noct!



                            Well, I finally finished Part V of the tutorial for weapons, pickups, and lighting. I also updated the links to the new PlanetUnreal site--it's basically the same as before except with the required banner ads and not as much stress on my personal bandwidth. Enjoy!

                            I'm a little pressed for time now as they decided to give me a hell trip that leaves late tonight--I'm a flight attendant in real life, for those of you wondering what I'm talking about--so the next tutorial won't be started until I get home late tomorrow night. I'm planning on covering terrain!!

                            Take care,



                              You freakin' own!


                                Re: Re: Still havin' trouble with the lightin'

                                First, let me thank you for putting together a great tutorial, Noctivagus. Like flabioh, however, I am having problems with the lighting. It's really quite frustrating, and hinders all progress to map making. It's been detailed in this thread, which has been ignored.

                                Originally posted by Noctivagus
                                Hey all,

                                Hmm...two possibilities: the texture is special lit or the lighting is positioned so that a shadow is cast over the dark walls. A special lit texture won't light at all, except with a light that has bSpecialLit set to True. So, open up the surface properties for that texture and activate the Flags tab. Look to see if anything is checked--in this case, "Special Lit". If it is, uncheck it and rebuild the lighting.

                                I checked the "Special Lit" flags, as well as many other possible causes. It doesn't seem to make sense. I'm hoping SOMEONE here can toss us a bone. One can only look at ambient lighting for so long.