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New Beginner tutorial...UPDATED 11/03/02

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    Good Job

    Hi well done!
    Could you let me know when you have the new tut completed?

    Please don´t forget to explain how to set a teleporter!

    Thank you



      Are there any videos tutorials?


        OMG!! :cry: how many posts are in this thread?!?!?! can anyone point me to a Vehicle editing tutoril? Pref from the basics to the really in-depth stuff.


          Im puzzled by the adding water that you can swim in, the tutorials i have found have different options and are confusing. I need a tut for ut2004 unrealed on how to add swimmable water thanks.


            LOL! Do ppl still post under this thread! Hah... it have been up for years!


              Just wanted to add to the pile of welldones. This tutorial is AWESOME!

              Thanks a bunch, man!


                A big THX for this tutorial, now I can do very much more then before - only the terrain-thing is a bit difficult in English...


                  Thanks for this great tutorial
                  This really helped me getting started...

                  But now I will need a good tutorial for emitters...(wanna make smoke and sparks and stuff)


                    Thanks a ton for what is undoubtedly the best newbie tutorial on the web. can't wait till you add all the new sections.


                      Thanks a ton!

                      Thanks man! Those tutoirals were like tottaly wickedly awesome man!


                        Originally posted by Drin
                        Where did Noctivagus go, anyway? He still mapping? :bulb:
                        That's exactly what I was about to ask... he/she got me into mapping and for that I say thanks! Was and still is greatly appreciated (although I have to say I haven't mapped for a while... but still it got my zest for mapping started and from there I blossomed).


                          Hi all, Noctivagus is a god for those tuts

                          But I am getting stuck at an early stage... I've looked through this thread quickly and done several searches for this problem but couldnt find anything on it.

                          on here:
                          Basically, when I press the "build Cube" button it will instantly build the cube and I want it to bring up the CubeBuilder Box like in the tut.

                          Does anyone know how I could get it to do this?
                          Maybe an option or reinstall UnrealEd ?

                          Thank you in advance, mr_roll

                          [EDIT]Nevermind all, I figured out what I was doing wrong[/edit]


                            like everyone has been saying: great tuts, man! but theres a few things i dont get.

                            1. i found another tut on making teleporters and it was very vague on making the cool effects. if you could make a tut on making various cool effects with emmiters, thatd be freakin sweet!

                            also, i have a problem. when i went to make subtract a new cube for a skybox, all my terrain vanishes completely. theres nothing left and if i go to play the level as is, i die as soon as i spawn. i know that its not anything that is already wrong, because if i play the map before making the next cube, it works fine.

                            any solutions to this?

                            thanks advance


                              This link, for the teleporter guide, is broken (for me at least)
                              I searched the forums for any, but didn't find any, are there any other teleporter guides?


                                yeah, thats the only one i could find. the effects portion of it isnt that great, though. i was looking for something with a little more variety... and one that was a little clearer.