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New Beginner tutorial...UPDATED 11/03/02

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    Just to update everyone...Part 7 is taking a little longer than I expected, in case you hadn't noticed. But, not to fret--it's nearly finished. All I have to complete is a section on visibility, then I'll upload it. I started to include more such as how to create skyboxes and how to put sunlight, but I think I'll save that for Terrain, Part III. Part 7 is already much longer than I'd planned...(that seems to be the case with all the tutorials I've written so far...I guess that just means I'm a blowhard. :haha: )



      Great Job

      Great job bro - Pez - if you listenin' make this topic sticky man! It needs to stay up there for all the new guys


        Part 7 up and ready to go...

        Hey folks,

        Part 7 is posted and ready for you to tackle. Sorry it took longer than expected. I hit a little snag as a couple of you emailed me to say you were having problems sizing the terrain using the XScale and YScale method. So, I wanted to be able to post another workable solution for you just in case you run into this problem. It seems that sizing the terrain from the terrain editor sometimes causes the UED to crash (imagine that). I'm not really sure why this is, but after a little research and a couple of test runs, I found another method that should work. Just make sure you SAVE A LOT as you're working.

        The link for the new tutorial is .


        Take care,


          This is clearly the best tutorial out there.

          Great job.

          Please keep expanding and added new sections. A true Master Mapper.


            These tutorials are great. Please keep them coming - thanks.

            One problem I had with tutorial 6. Even though I followed the instructions explicitly, the horizontal size of the terrain was smaller than the first subtracted cube. In other words the terrain did not fill the 4096 x 4096 cube horizontally - it was more like 3968 x 3968.

            Did anyone else notice this? Is it a bug in the editor or did I do something wrong? I repeated the tutorial several times and got the same result.


              Hi Noctivagus,

              I used to make quake III Maps.
              I'm not realy a newbie at map making.

              But when I opened the unreal 2003 editor I didn't know where to start.

              Your tutorials are helping me a lot.

              Thx verry much.



                Thanks again for the tutorials. Truly excellent work.
                I had most of the terrain editing sorted before the tutoraial came out but its has clarified a few key points for me. My map is about 50% done and when it is done I will post here.
                Couldnt have done it without you.

                Just hope no-one has had the same idea as me!



                  Parts 6 and 7 have been added to the DOC and PDF formats, and sent to Andy and Donka. Links should be somewhere on this thread (which the mods need to sticky).



                    That did feel like a rough ride!
                    But well done dude!! Im not scared of the dirt any more!!

                    Great job!!:up:


                      ive strayed from the tutorial level, but noctivagus' tutorial is really helping me on my big BR level. its an ambitious project for my first time, but its turning out real good. ill be sure to include a special thanks somewhere in my level :P


                        Thanks again for a great tutorial. You said to point out any problems if there were any, well here are my minor problems.

                        1, when I create a new texture layer in the terrain editor, a get a warning that a texture has to be selected first, so I have to pick the texture required then click new, not the other way around. ( very minor point, and something that may be my fault.)

                        2, I feel the tutorial went off at 100 mph at the end when it came to placing the static mesh and cutting out the hole. I find this part extremely difficult, if not impossible without making a complete hash of it. Again this is probably down to me being useless.

                        cheers again for the tutorial.




                          It is all there in the tutorial I can assure you.Take your time and fiddle with it.
                          I am not bragging but I sussed most of this with no tutorial.

                          Good luck.

                          PS.Wait till you get a problem like this and no one knows what to do!


                            I eventually completed the terrain tutorial, and have linked the main room with the terrain room, but now the lighting has gone weired in the main room. I assume this is because of the ambient lighting in the outdoor section spilling over into the indoor section. At the end of the tutorial it says that lighting for the outdoor section will be sorted next. I just wanted to check that what has happened to my indoor lighting is normal.




                              Great tutorial.

                              Thanks once again

                              Regards Choc:up:


                                this new terrain tutorial really helped my map. my map used to be really ugly, but now it looks pretty good. now check the sig and comment on it :P