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New Beginner tutorial...UPDATED 11/03/02

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    Another holdup

    Well folks,

    Unfortunately there's been another hold up on me finishing the terrain tutorial today. I just found out that I'm probably going to have to move to San Diego as soon as the end of this month, so I spent much of the day preparing for that. It's a long story, so I won't get into the details. The upside is that I'll be moving from the harsh Chicago winter to the sunny San Diego beaches.

    Anyway, I have to go to Dallas tomorrow, and I won't be back until Thursday afternoon. I plan to do a little writing while I'm on my trip, but it's kinda hard when I don't have UED in front of me. But, not to's definitely on the way. I can't leave you all hanging (any more than you already are, that is ).

    Take care,


      No Problem Noctivagus, you have to put the real world before the wire frame one!



        Please make this a sticky.

        If I can get into the forum without it being full I am getting sick of going to the first page and then finding its on the second page and I cant veiw it cos the server is full!!



          I have a WINXP and the update of the editor to.
          but when i add weapons ot pickups and i press BUILD ALL option so my EDITOR crashes always !
          what to do ? and i did not missed a thing in the tutorial to !


            Hosted here as well

            I have decided to carve out some some more webspace for this Excellent Tutorial in Pdf and Word2000 format.

            They can both be downloaded from here:


            Just go to the downloads section and enjoy!


              PLEASE STICKY THIS!!!!

              mods: please sticky this thread. These tuts rock!

              Noctivagus - thank you for all your hard work. The text versions of these tuts are already being hosted by Donka and there are others offering to do the same. Since the forums are in transition (translation: teh suck), maybe some of you can keep an eye on hosted sites for updates.

              to all who complain that WeaponsBase crashes the server:

              First, make sure your Ued is patched. If it's patched and it still crashes, I think you have to wait for first Epic UT2 patch.

              Second: save, close, reopen, THEN rebuild. Some say this helps, and you don't have to rebuild to save your changes. They WILL stay in the map, they just won't work properly ingame until you rebuild.

              Third: I don't know if anyone's tried rebuilding piece by piece yet? How about rebuilding just geometry, then just lighting? When working in UEd2, I saved time by not rebuilding the pathing AT ALL when working on architecture and lighting. Why should I? I've not gotten to botpathing yet, it just wastes time and, as in this situation, increases the risk of crashage.

              [edit] apparently the forum edited out my attempt to mix the verb crash with the suffix -itude (e.g. attitude, latitude, longitude).

              Last point of note: save save save! Don't do the whole tut, then save and crash! I have lost hours worth of work on UT maps by getting engrossed in my l33t editing skillz and then crashed out.




                I had wasted much time because I didnt save enough. The editor is soooooooooo buggy!! SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE

                Any more new on the next stage?


                  Curly makes an excellent point which I sort-of but not all-the-way made. Yes, the Editor IS buggy and not exactly supported by Epic. Yes, it sort of is, but the whole thing was written in Visual Basic and just sort of uses the engine by proxy, it's kind of screwy, and I remember some features in UEd 2 were crashy / broken / never implemented (terrain builder was a great example of a screwy feature).

                  Don't expect the editor to work 100% of the time, I'm not entirely convinced it's the same program Epic uses. What it IS, is a free tool that utilizes MOST of the features of the engine, allows you to do MOST of your own mapmaking, works MOST of the time and avoids MOST of the pitfalls. In the UEd2 days you could construct a perfectly legitimate brush and get BSP holes for no reason whatsoever and have to manipulate the brush all to h3ll to get it to work right. It's just the nature of the beast.

                  Just remember you're getting for free a program that, if it were fully functional with everything properly implemented, might be worth a couple hundred bucks (check out AutoCAD prices one day... or AGI32...) The real art of UEd is two parts design, three parts mapping skill, and two parts managing and working around the more unstable aspects of the program.

                  Oh yeah, and SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE. Every time you implement a new major portion of the map, for example finishing your architecture and moving to doors/movers/triggers/zones, a lot of mappers start saving their maps under a different name so that if they do something that totally hoses the map, they can go back to an earlier version and try something else. SAVE REBUILD SAVE, CLOSE, REOPEN, REBUILD SAVE.

                  When you've done that, then SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE.

                  If my point is not clear, let me know and I'll clarify.


                    i hope you rereg and fin this tut off the best ones i`v seen yet:-)
                    plz keep it going for all the newbies like me:-)


                      MAKE TEH STICKAY

                      DO IT! And make Part 6 too... plzzz :cry:


                        Guy should write a book on it, I'd buy it.



                          This is the best and most comprehensive tutorial I've ever seen.. I think it deserves more recognition such as a link from an important ut2k3 site or at least make this a sticky topic!!


                            The mods had better sticky this before people start trying to *bump* it





                                I think that any mods that might still look in here are all too busy getting a sticky hand to make this thread sticky.