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    you can just download the kazaalite codec
    found here

    look on the left and click the k lite codec pack. Just download that ,install
    and you should be able to play the movies with (wmp) windows media player


      DivX 5 or higher. Just install the codec and you will be able to play the VTM's with Windows Media Player


        Before I started my mod I took two full weeks and watched everyone of these videos.

        And then rewatched anything that I didnt understand.

        Guess how much thin helped when I started editing?

        Not a minute of your time will be wasted watching these videos.


          I was confused about what codec was needed too. I used a free program called Gspot to find out what the it was and it is DivX Codex at (All!!! you will need is to insatall is the codec NOT THE WHOE PLAYER) It will be a checkbox while your are installing the "FREE" player.

          Have fun



            Rather than installing the standard DivX codec for playing back DivX video (which doesn’t always work with the older DivX versions), I recommend ffdshow, which takes care of both DivX and (standard) XviD video. It is a free DirectShow decoding filter which works seamlessy in most players, including Windows Media Player and Winamp.

            I want to add that many DivX videos I have downloaded have either stuttered or been totally unplayable using the standard DivX codec, even when I opened them in DivX Player (which only supports the AVI container format). ffdshow, however, handles these videos perfectly.

            You may install both the standard DivX codec and ffdshow on the same system without any problems (I’ve not encountered any), but in general the standard DivX codec would only be necessary in a situation where you want to edit or encode DivX video, in which the ffdshow filter is not sufficient since it’s for decoding purposes only (and since video processing utilies such as VirtualDub don’t grok DirectShow filters).


              yes these VTMs really look great, but how to get stars, to download the rest of them?

              I can only download the first of each category, but the rest is closed :-( I dont want to wait for weeks until i can download the nxt vtm - how did you do, to download them?

              thx a lot!


                Yeah same here can only get the 1st tutorial, i think these are the tutorials being included on the second disc of UT2004 though. Sounds like the DVD version is a good package.



                  do you really think that these tuts will be included on the dvd of UT2004?

                  I've nothing read about ... but it will be a nice add-on for all who wants to create maps on their own, because most of the maps
                  included in ut2004 i've already seen :-/

                  greets eGB


                    Yup fairly sure. The 2 DVD version comes with 1st DVD featuring all of the 6 CD game data and second DVD including MAYA Learning Edition and a huge ammount of Video Tutorials for both the level editor and Maya provided by 3D Buzz. Also comes with a headset for voice chat i believe. All for only $20 more, not to shabby.



                      amazon proposes only the 1 dvd version - will there be a 2 dvd and a 6 cd version too?

                      I thought there'll be only one version ... we'll see.
                      however, here in Germany it will take some more time, till ut2004 will be available :-(



                        Ok I got my membership but when I try to download a tutorial movie it begins about a star system and that i;m not awarded a star.... what's that all about? I just want my tutorial movie:sour:


                          2004 SE comes with all these videos on the second DVD, I sat and watched the first 4 last night, and I'm very impressed. I still signed up on that site though to take the courses. I find that just watching the videos isn't enough, the questions they ask after watching them helps a great deal.


                            I am kinda familliar with 3dbuzz and their tutorials from my time when I was playing with Maya.

                            Are these tutorials only for ut2003 or are there some tutorials mainly for 2004 also? (for onslaught features etc)


                              Originally posted by Captain_anarchy
                              Ok I got my membership but when I try to download a tutorial movie it begins about a star system and that i;m not awarded a star.... what's that all about? I just want my tutorial movie:sour:
                              He started the star system because people were downloading the VTM's then not helping other people out, which was the main reason he started the site! He also was paying for the servers himself and had to come up with a way to limit the downloads because it was costing him a small fortune. There is an audio download that explains everthing on site, also I believe you can still down load the first download file of each VTM series.


                                Thanx Man! :up: