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    laggy map

    lo evrey1 i have a 2 qus :

    the 1st and the importent one is - i made kinda big map
    and the problem that it b-come a bit laggy and i want to d-lag it

    now i need to know what make maps to lag is it the mash's or
    the light or the room size(i made high celling's)

    plz answer that.

    the 2nd one is kinda simple... i made open door but in the tutorial i read it explain only for elvator... so u need to kinda go up on my door for it to open where do i change that u just need to stand in front of the door for it to open?

    do or die.

    Question 1:
    Use antiportals.

    Question 2:
    Written by DarkSaber:

    Easiest way is to use triggers. Find the Trigger class in the actor browser and place one in front of the door. Now right click the toolbar area of the 'Top' viewport and go to Actors -> Radii View. When you select the trigger you'll see a circular outline showing its radius. You can increase the size of this in the Collision properties of the trigger. Duplicate the trigger a few times so that they cover a good area in front of the door (so they'll trigger when a player gets close to the door). Do the same the other side of the door.

    Open the properties of the mover, and under Object, set it to TriggerOpenTimed. Now expand the Events heading and give the mover a unique Tag (CoolDoor for example). Select all your triggers and again in the Events heading, put the name of the door in the Event field. Your triggers will now trigger the door to open as soon as a player comes within proximity of one of the triggers