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Some assistence needed with CTF map.

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    if you want bricks textures and you have UT99, you can copy the slums.utx package from the textures folder to ut2k4 texture folder

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  • started a topic Some assistence needed with CTF map.

    Some assistence needed with CTF map.

    I could need sum help here:

    Where do i find the flag bases?? Who do i "do" them??

    Bot pathing, any tutorials?, cause i could find any.

    Need to make a static mesh of a wooden fence, amounst other things, but i don't know how to at all. So, any1 wanna help a guy out. The map os based on a building site, so reallly simple things like bricks could even help out.

    Also, when i am creating terrian, and make a new packge, why can't i reopen the map with the terrian?

    And what are all these ****ING general protection faults when ever i click build all?

    That's about it.