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    Ive only made two original maps myself, using nothing but default content.

    I have however ported a few from UT to UT2003/4. Using everything original I could get in. I all gave credit to the original authors, and even tried to contact them. 3yr old emails arent reliable, lol, so I ported them anyway.

    So here is what bugs me bout the lockdown thing..

    Epic sells you the game with everything for use. they came up with the game, the editor, the content. now comes along some people that have to keep thier content pure, and dont allow you to use anything they have made, others want you to take time out of the over all creation progress to ask them if it can be used.

    To them I say go make your own game and lock it down. This does nothing to add to the community, only supporting thier own name. By allowing the free swapping of content, you allow people to do what the game its self allows. Learn, create and customize to bring them a better game experiance.

    Now if I sound like a ******* here, forgive me.
    But I dont care how long it took you to make a SM or a texture, or the whole map for that matter. This isnt your game and you are nothing without it. Your map is nothing without people enjoying it. If they feel it would look and play better with a few adjustments, whats the big deal?
    Oh yeah.. me, I, myself, LOOK AT ME!!!.
    [insert *****slap here]

    Epic has said they dont want people locking down custom content. They offer thiers for modification for a reason.

    So you have a choice, lock it down or dont.

    I personaly dont, nor will any DX related game content be locked down. Its free to use and abuse, and sometimes we add the source code to help ya do it.

    Rant mode off...