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that guy that stands there

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    that guy that stands there

    how do i get the character model (when modeling weapons) to sit there so i can align the gun?

    add an xpawn to a substracted cube and malcom will appear in standard position.

    if you want him for example in a driver position goto the animation browser, select package thundercrash and active the vehicel_driving animation (or any other want) and use view->'sync level actors' and the xpawn will change to the chosen animation.

    rightlick on the pawn and convert it to a static mesh. it will ask you for the package and a name, just put it into the mylevel package temporarily.

    now delete the xpawn and put the retrieved static mesh from him in there. goto file->export and save it to an .obj file which you are able to import into maya (and i'm sure also into max).

    hope i could help, good luck :up:

    edit: watch out, the static mesh will be smaller then the xpawn. so if you want it 1:1 you need to resize it first.
    edit2: the sm needs drawscale ~2.6, just figured that out


      Add an xPawn and an UnrealScriptedSequence. Set the AI >> AIScriptTag of the xPawn to the Tag of the UnrealScriptedSequence. Empty the AIScript >> Actions and make a new Action_SetPhysics >> PHYS_Walking. Thar you go.