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vehicle problem -sanity on line here!

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    i messed around until i got it. heres a few things i did incase someone else runs into this problem too

    always name your root bone the same as the root of the vehicle your inheriting from.

    i didnt mess with the lod settings yet just left them as default.

    i shall unleash vehicular production!

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  • started a topic vehicle problem -sanity on line here!

    vehicle problem -sanity on line here!

    ok heres what ive done

    made a mesh(hover type vehicle inheriting properties of the manta) in maya 5 ple- triangulated-softened the normals.

    added a bone called root, added a character set to it.

    smooth bind skin

    with the root selected exported to unrealed via skeletal mesh exporter

    in ued:

    added a collison box around the mesh in the anim brower.
    removed 3 LODS
    saved anim.

    when i try to use this it says missing skeletalmesh'jetbike.jetbike' in the logs and when i restart ued and open the ukx file, it doesnt show up. anyone have a problem like this before?something ive left out or done wrong?