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Can't import static meshes with multiple materials *Solved*

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    Can't import static meshes with multiple materials *Solved*

    Okay, here's the story:

    I made a model in UED to represent a pier support. The top part is intended to be wood, while the bottom part is concrete, so I wanted to have two different materials applied to it.

    I created the mesh, one single mesh.

    I assigned the appropriate map IDs (only 2)

    I applied a multi-subobject material to test it out. The different materials applied correctly.

    I collapsed the stack. Mesh still looks fine.

    I exported to ASE.

    Import in UED.

    Only one material is available.

    ... que?

    The way I do it is I select the polys that are going to have different materials, then Detach them. Once everything is textured I Attach everything together and do a Weld Vertices to get rid of the duplicates at the edges. I had nothing but problems trying to do it any other way. Materials got reversed, left out, cats and dogs were living together, you see where I'm going. :bulb:


      Just use the Assign material to selection button after selecting faces on the model. Using the Material ID's is bad, as Rachel has hinted I never use them either, they cause nasty problems.

      Or build the mesh in parts and use a normal UVMap modifier (Sphere, Box, Planar, whatever) then attach the parts afterwards, basically like Rachel has just mentioned, but in reverse


        Thanks guys, the attachment worked.