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ladder trouble

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  • ladder trouble

    ok so i made a ladder, from a mix of static meshes and bsp brushes, then i grabed the brush made it slighlty wider than the ladder itself, and deep enough that i should be able to be inside of it, then created a ladder volume.

    then i completley render the map and theres a ladder volume there, but when i go into the game, nothing happens, i cant climb the ladder, one thing i noticed is the arrowm pointing from the volume points away from the actuall ladder, should it point towards?

    ive tried changing the direction of it unsucessfully, it always points the same direction no matter how i rotate the volume?

    i could really use some help please .

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    Well I don't know how much THIS will help, but you can try anyways, other then that, i'm not sure what the problem is.


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      well it shows me what i dont have with mine, but i still dont know how to do it lol


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        im not sure if this is the correct way, but it worked for me, in the ladder volumes properties, there is a place to type in a roll, yaw and all that of the arrow you can see in the middle of the volume, i just fiddled with the numbers till the arrow pointed roughly in the direction of the wall (or the ladder rungs)


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          i dont know if its correct either but it worked, thanks .