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Paths Drawn to AI Script Icons

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  • Paths Drawn to AI Script Icons

    I am setting up my bot navigation points, but when I choose to show paths, there are all sorts of link lines running to and from my AI Script Icons for my unreal scripted sequence. Is there any way to tell the path system to ignore them and not draw lines to them other than putting the AI Scripts in the Proscribed Paths list of all the nodes? Cause that would suck

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    AI scripted sequences are navigation points. they are mostly used for defense points in maps

    if you are trying to do game scripting (triggering movers and explosions etc) then you should be using scripted triggers instead


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      I was actually trying to have a guy be a controlled by an UnrealScriptedSequence to walk and patrol an area so that when the player enters the area, he sees the scripted guy patrolling, etc, etc, but I change to different scripts and it is causing unwanted nav points. So, I was hoping I could disable the automatic path node generation to certian AI Script icons. So, is there a way at all?


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        not that i know of