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Soft/Hard Edge Model Information Lost During Export To UnrealEd

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    Soft/Hard Edge Model Information Lost During Export To UnrealEd

    Hello everyone, here's the problem: Whenever I export a gun model (skeletal mesh) from Maya 5Ple into UnrealEd and subsequently the actual Unreal 2004 game itself the model has been totally softened; not one hard edge has survived the export. I have spent hours troubleshooting but I can't succeed. Is it even possible export a 'hard' skeletal mesh? I demand an explanation...



    Hey all, I've waited patiently for nearly 8 months for any further replies to this thread in vain. I might start getting impatient in a year or two which is why I have bumped the thread.

    Nah, I'm just screwin' with ya, . After giving up on the case months ago, disillusioned with the whole modding thing, I have now decided to repursue it with endless nagging and questions. You've been warned you miserable nerds. He hee, the hypocracy...

    Please help

    I don't think that there's such things as hard/soft edges in Unreal editor. What would be the point? They're going to be covered by a texture anyway. Although I could be very wrong.

    EDIT: I am very wrong.


      No, I'm sure there is. I modelled a window frame to be used as a static mesh in a level. When I saw it in game I noticed the shading was a mess (there were these ugly dark streaks covering some of the polygons). I found out that it was because Unreal was treating the edges as soft edges. So back in Maya I selected all the edges I needed hard (Edit Polygons>Normals>Soft/Hard) and hardened them. I reimported and whahay! It worked. Unlike those f***ing skeletal meshes. Lousy skeletal meshes... Somebody tell me what's wrong! It's so annoying!


        Originally posted by NiTrOcALyPsE
        I don't think that there's such things as hard/soft edges in Unreal editor. What would be the point? They're going to be covered by a texture anyway.

        Although I could be very wrong.
        Yes you are very wrong - Unreal treats hard and soft edges completely differently which consequently makes a MASSIVE difference with regards to how meshes imported from Maya are shaded in-game.

        Unfortunately, I have no experience with exporting skeletal meshes from Maya into UED (only regular static meshes), so I can't suggest any solutions - are you sure that there is not an option somewhere that you are missing in the settings ??


          I'm not sure if there's an option I have overlooked, Maya's all big and scary. It's a pity the excellent bonus DVD didn't include a modern tutorial for the creation of a gun from start (modelling and rigging) to finish. The 3DsMax Unreal 1 weapon making tutorial is irrelevant, and although they do show how to export skeletal meshes in the modern tutorial they begin with a gun already made. The gun they make is soft-edged but they don't seem to mind. Anybody?



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              Hi there E. Manne,

              Thanks for your, eh, concern . It's a pity I loathe the French, otherwise I might have actually stricken your miserable country from the list of places I intend to bulldoze when I am King of the EU. Don't ever attempt to integrate with Western society again, you freaky little frenchman you.

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              Or am I? - Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'll do it again! And then you'll see! You'll ALL see! Ha hhhhhhhaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa.


                i don't know about ActorX for retail Maya, but the unEditor plugin for Maya PLE has never preserved hard/soft edge info when exporting a skeletal mesh. static meshes, yes. skeletal meshes, no. sorry.

                btw, that should be "Au revoir, mon ami."


                  chipV2, mon ami, where were you 8 months ago?!

                  If what you say is true then I wasted weeks experimenting with every single combination of Maya, and UnrealEd exports options. Arrghhh.

                  Anyway thanks for quick, clear and concise reply. All replies should be that efficient (not to mention heart-breaking, what a waste of f**king time, **** exporter, mumble etc...).

                  If anyone else has anything to add, or would simply like to point and laugh, be my guest.


                    Originally posted by username2
                    If anyone else has anything to add...
                    got MilkShape?


                      Nope. Are you suggesting an evil-free alternative to Maya exists?


                        As chip said, download the trial version of Milkshape:

                        export the skeletal mesh from Maya, import the .psk into milkshape, select the vertices that define the edge that you want to unsharpen, unweld them (is that right chip?), then reexport the model as a different named .psk file. It might do what you want.


                          @username2: nah, MilkShape's not freeware but it's pretty **** cheap for what you get -- a decent (if a bit clutzy) modeler/animator, with a ton of export filter options for various games, and .psa/.psk export for Unreal skeletal mesh models. i've seen mention of it being used for weapons models.

                          some limitations are: rudimentary texture mapping (planar projections only, and only from the ortho viewpoint planes), no IK animation (not a prob for most weps, though), and you have to be careful about how the bones are set up for the psa/psk export. not ideal, but it may provide the hard edges you want. ask around on the ChumbalumSoft forum (where MilkShapers hang out).

                          also search this & other forums (forae, foramins, forheavensake! :bulb: ) for MilkShape 'cause there's quite a few who use it.

                          edit: even though there are no direct exports from Maya PLE except to UEd, you can get your already-modeled PLE meshes into MilkShape. export them to UEd as static meshes, then use either the UT Package Tool (UTPT) utility or UDE's Advanced Exporter to export the static mesh to .3ds format, which MilkShape can import. you'll have to re-bone the model but hey, it's better than from scratch. UEd exports to .obj format also but i'm not familiar with that route.

                          @meowcat: no psk/psa exports from Maya PLE -- it just goes straight into a .ukx file, more's the pity.


                            Got milkshape guys, I'll give it a try, and thanks a million for your help.

                            P.S. chip, I believe the correct rendition of forum's plural is "foru" (pronounced with a silent 'f', rolled 'r' and sickeningly condescending tone ).