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Water and Fluid Tutorial

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  • Water and Fluid Tutorial

    This is my second of the 'different' variation of tutorials, ones that are complete working maps. This tutorial focuses on various aspects of fluid surface infos, and volumes.
    It features:

    A fully working waterfall, with a river, that includes a full group of emitters to make realistic splashing and current effects.

    A room full of variations on fluid surface infos to demonstrate what the FSI defaultproperties do.

    And several different effects including a basic projector and corona, a lava pit, a teleporter in the style of XMP-Alcazar and a dual layered 'science fair' setup with a fluid layer of oil and water, and the karma barrels to test it.

    It is available for download here:

    and my first mapping tutorial is availible here:

    just remember to select 'save target as' because freewebs is a very slow file host. Luckily, the map totals about 156 KB.

    Any thoughts?

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    Thank you for this. I was just needing something to look at, while fixing the water in my Sink


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      Thanks for this great tutorial!..