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ONS Core and Nodes not showing up???

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  • ONS Core and Nodes not showing up???

    I have no idea what I did to my map but I'm about to loose it. I cannot get either my core's or node's to show up in the link designer. It *was* working fine, I had a custom link setup and they all worked fine. I'm not sure what it was, but I think one of the two things botched it; 1) I added a radar map, 512x512 (same size as retail maps I think), and 2) accidently bumped my terrain actor and had to move it back and fix a few things.

    I've tried deleting all the nodes and starting again with just the core's and one connecting node all on flat BSP brushes, no luck. I tried the ucc exportcache *.* and still no luck. There is noting in the ExtraInfo field in my LevelProperties. They darn things just won't show up in-game or in the link deisgner so I can set them up. I've since removed the radar map thinking that might be it. I've saved and rebuilt a million times.

    What can I do to fix this!?

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    are you nodes not showing when you press test play inside the ed, or do they not show up if you find your map in game and load it up? because if it only happens from pressing play map! inside the ed then it may just be that your default gametype has been switched to something like dm... ive had my default gametype inexplicaly switch before (except mine switched from dm to last man standing) so the same thing may have happened to you.


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      No they don't show up in the link designer. So I can't create a link network to have them spawn in the map.


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        Most likely your map is HUGE and the stuff is spread to far apart. If this is the case the stuff is actually there its just off the link designer board.

        The link map starts at 0 x 0 coor. By defaults I think that you only can view something like 10000 units. I forget but its something like that. So if your nodes or cores are too far from the center it will be off the map.

        To fix this you have to change a setting in level properties. To be honest im at work right now so I cant tell you exactly what the name of it was. BUT I do know when I had the same problem I found it was self explainitory. If you go to my site in my sig and fine the 2k4 mapathon thread which is HUGE you will find it in there BUT I would just look through level properties and you should find it fine.

        After you find it PUMP it up a bit like 50000 and try it.

        If that dont work try 90000 it will show.

        Once you find it then you need to set it so it fits your terrain.


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          Thanks for the reply TECHBOTA!

          Angel Mapper already posted a link to her Onslaught Mapping Tutorial ( and your right I had to set the radar size to 15000. When they did the updates or whatever about 3 posts were removed from this thread. Anway now it works perfectly!

          I came back to post that the BIGGER the value the SMALLER your RadarMap will be. So as TECHBOTA said increase the value to shrink your nodes to fit the map or decrease the value if their too close together.