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joining brushes.....

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    joining brushes.....

    Join two objects to form a one single object, triangulated using the Turn To Poly modifier, and then converted to an Editable Mesh
    How do i do that? Any tutorials or help please!!!!! :cry:

    i don't have 3ds (asumming your talking about 3ds max)

    I have gmax which is a crappy free version of 3ds , and it has a attach command you can set up in the CUI (custom user interface.)




      Select ONE of the objects...

      Go to the MODIFIER LIST ... under the Modify Tab

      Select TURN TO POLY... its towards the bottom of the list

      Select the LIMIT POLYGON SIZE checkbox... Make the SIZE 3..

      Now RIGHT CLICK on the object that you originally selected...

      at the very bottom it says CONVERT TO: Select CONVERT to EDITABLE MESH...

      OK... Do the SAME thing to the other object...

      Once they are BOTH done...

      Select one of the objects... and under the MODIFY TAB again... if you look below it in the Command panel... there is an EDIT GEOMETRY Section...

      Select ATTACH... then click on the OTHER object...

      There ... now they are the same object

      - lemme know how it goes


        What version of 3ds max do you have?

        cause i cant find a thing that you said.

        in the modifiers tab there is no motifiers list.

        i have 3ds max 5.0.



          I have 5 or 5.1 I forget...

          the modifier tab ... hmm...

          Scroll your Mouse over the tabs on the right side of the screen... one if them is the modifier panel... Maybe you have it hidden.. you COULD be in Xpert mode.


          Below that is a drop down menu... the Turn to Poly option is in there.


            ahhh, that tab.

            Thanks for your help, i am just startin 3ds max and its a little tricky to get down as you problobly know.

            THANKS AGAIN!!!