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Modding Battleground (unreal engine)

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    Modding Battleground (unreal engine)

    I'm a serious player of MTG: Battlegrounds and am currently working with a team on an unreal mod. I am kinda new at this, but I do have experienced developers working on the team.

    Battlegrounds was built on the unreal engine.

    I was able to import battlegrounds textures into the editor just fine...but can't seem to open or import static meshes from battlegrounds into the editor.

    I'm missing something and I don't know what...any ideas? I figured if anybody could help me it would be you guys.

    Thanx ahead of time.

    I would be cool to play as Mishra or Arcanis in UT2k4.


      more details!

      what format are you importing from, what program were the models created with, what errors do you get...and won't the devs of MTG get upset that your using their content for this?



        I don't claim to be an expert about this at all but I think your game only used the Karma engine which is Unreal's physics engine. If they only used the phisics engine it wouldn't exactly be the same meshes but if i'm wrong yell at me. Textures are just pictures no matter where you get it from.

        I also think you shouldn't steal other people's work.