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    texture origins

    Browsing the texture packs to find a suitable texture is a pain, that´s why I´m often looking at other maps to find suitable ones. However, there´s a problem: Let´s say I found a wall that has a texture I like on it, how can I determine from which texture pack it´s from?
    Also, I once managed to copy a texture from one wall to others... I selected all faces and did something and they all got the same texture. Unfortunately, I didn´t realize how this happened, it was more unintentionally that time.

    I´m quite sure the answers to these questions are trivial, but I´ve played around and didn´t find it out myself.

    Thanks in advance!

    to see what package the texture is in, just select the texture and press F5.
    in the window bar you can see were the texturs from.

    if you want a texture to apear on another wall,
    highlight the tex you want to use in the map,
    hold down ctrl+alt and right click the highlighted texture.

    to apply it to another wall, select that wall.
    then hold ctrl+alt and left click on the new wall.


      to see its package (the simple way :sour: )

      right click > properties. look at the bar at the top of the window, see it says |<something>.<something> <something>| the first something is the texture package


        Many thanks!