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    Voice Pack Question

    Ok. Here's the deal. I've created a custom voice pack that works pretty good on my computer, but when other players logon to my server and download the voice pack, the voicepack volume is almost too low to hear on the client side. Also, if I use a taunt, the client side will hear the custom voice and Gorge's voice simultaneous. Any help would be appreciated.


    I've made a number of voicepacks. UT2003 voicepacks need to have sound clips that are loud. Louder than most sound editing programs advise. Some of the sound wave should be so loud as to be beyond the sound graph. Make sample as loud as possible without bad distortion.

    Why it's loud enough on your machine and not clients. This may be sound card/speaker/headphone dependent. Or it could be they have game music loud.

    The problem with custom voice getting overlapped by Gorge, I have not encountered. If you send me your voicepack I could test it on my LAN and look at it in the editor.