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help me with path-nodes plz

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    help me with path-nodes plz

    ok, i made my own as-map.
    Now next is: PothNodes and FlighingPathNodes and NavigationPoints and 2x HoldObjectives. I made they all. But the problem is: when I go to properties of HoldObjective then to ProximityObjective, i writed this Class"UnrealGame.UnrealPawn",
    then bots dont want to use vehicles and doing ****. But when i write Class"Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft", they get in vehicle, and fly to objective. When i write this Class"Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft" the is the objective to HOLD WITH RAPTOR THERE, but the bots get out their vehicles at objective and hold without raptor, and nothing happening!
    Please say me what must i do.

    In the properties of the HoldObjective, go to Assault (or GameObjective, can't remember which). You will see VehiclePathName. In that field, type the name of the pathnode/flyingpathnode/roadpathnode nearest the objective.

    Notes: The bots still won't work if ANY of the paths between the vehicle and them aren't white or forced (yellow).

    Also, you can force paths for vehicles to normal pathnodes but in Navigation bVehicleDestion MUST be set to TRUE.


      thank you veeeeery much, I'm sitts 2 weeks with this problem.


        aaah, stop!
        and whats with Class"UnrealGame.UnrealPawn" must it be so?


          I sent you a PM detailing what that is for.

          As for not being answered for 2 weeks, I'll tell you why.

          Obviously english is not your primary language. I can honestly tell you that when I saw your first thread about this last week I though 'Er... What??' That would be the first reason you got no replies (up until I felt sorry for you )

          The second reason is that Assault pathing is probably one of the most difficult, painstaking things you can do with UnrealEd 3. The bots basically need to have their hands held the whole way. Since many people have been having a lot of problems with it (I only got it down very recently, and even then its still difficult), they would have been unable to answer your (somewhat interestingly worded) query.