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Transparancy issue

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    Transparancy issue

    Hi - anyone have an idea on what to do with this?

    Basically, I've finished the code for a monster I've been working on, decided that all it really needed, skinwise, was a slight redo of the Warlord texture b/c it's effectively the same thing with new types of attacks.

    I suspect all the problems are related to the same transparancy issue, so if anyone could explain to me what I'm doing wrong I'd really appreciate it.

    From the back: Wings are perfectly visible. PROBLEM: Black at tips should be transparent. How does one go about making a texture have transparant spots in it?

    From the side: Look! The wings are disappearing as you move to the front view!

    From the front: Wings are completely transparent.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong, and would be willing to explain? Thanks![IMG]

    see this thread:


      Ive had the same problem, but a little bit differently. Mine was i had transparent light covers, and i had rotating lights in them (all the same mesh) and you could only see the inner light from the back.....

      But try this, make the texture doublesided, or retriangulate your model. If the wings are on a sheet of tris, and you only apply texture to one side.....or if you forgot to triangulate the front of the wing in your editor. Its worth a shot