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    i'm sure that every body have seen the Tutorial ED threat, this is great... but what about a good link to a same kind of tutorial for 3Dmax5 i've been looking at every link ported here and i still donno how to edit a cube into cube with a 90 degree curve. remember the new guys learning... it look like you all were born knowing already how to use the tools.



      I have made a Biped reference chart for UT 2003 models I would like to add here.

      My main site where the Biped chart is.



      I have added also all the animation for all UT 2003 players species! and I have added the lightwave compatable meshes for UT 2003 player models plus the photoshop plugin for reading DDS graphic files.
      Just use the UT 2003 download menu on the right.



        I'm a Sound Designer and have found absolutely zilch in the way of reference material dedicated to sound design for UT2003. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places but I've spent hours drilling through documentation and I only find incidental mention of sound with reference to weapon modeling and level designing, but no specific reference material, and no specifications as far as how the engine sub-mixes, scales and handles sound...

        If for example I wanted to make a stand alone sound mod for UT2003 or an Unreal Warfare game I'm lost and in the dark. Can anyone point me to a reference on how to import new sounds for a weapon in this game?

        This isn't unique to UT2003, virtually every game engine and the company won't even help Sound Designers into the back seat, we get to ride in the trunk (if we're lucky).

        UT2003 game sound is pretty good, but considering what appear to be the game engines capabilities, what's possible, and the tools and capabilities of modern sound engineering and design it's a big disappointment. I pray for the day we have a sound IDE as sexy as UT2003 level design editor... Until then can anyone help me out, point a finger, drop a few links?


          I think there is a thread in the General Forum. If not have you done a search on "ogg"?
          Or maybe just post a new thread, I dont think people look at this thread every day.


            Alot of UT2k3 and max related tutorials:



              To help with the creation of the required files for characters in UT'03 there's the (famous?) Botmanager.

              Current 'public' version at this time v2.0 is available at my website ( )
              It already can create the required classes/scripts you'd need to make your character available for download from UT'03-servers.

              This one also includes a 'wizard'-like feature.
              See this thread for screenshots & info on the version that's in been released.
              (see that thread for info if you want to help test & improve it)

              Features include a zip/unzip-feature to package/install & unpack all the files for your character.
              It can build the .umod for your characters as well (up to and including a readme.txt with the default license-info).

              -- edit --
              The thread has the link to the download for JBM v2.0 & the latest patch.



                If you were women, I'd marry you all. Great thread folks. :up:


                  hmmz.. do you people know any good tutorials on how 2 make lightmaps for meshes, and a good tutorial on how 2 add them to your own made meshes..

                  the tut i found is offline and didnt work..


                    Originally posted by Cursed_Soul
                    hmmz.. do you people know any good tutorials on how 2 make lightmaps for meshes, and a good tutorial on how 2 add them to your own made meshes..

                    the tut i found is offline and didnt work..
                    Not positive, but I think the video tutorials on 3DBuzz cover that kind of stuff.


                      I need a tutorial on making bulletholes in glass, and general glass cracking. Additionally, if anyone knows of good plugins to help me with this, I'd appreciate it.


                        does anybody have any static mesh sites?


                          some Upaint tuts plz :bulb:


                            I don't know if someone already said this, but:


                            Some tutorials for modelin' program Maya, which's PLE (Personal Learning Edition) comes with UT2k3...


                              Originally posted by Adam3da
                              for all those that keep going to please now go to
                              [ ime still looking for some free hosting if anyone can help please contact me asap! I know the new layot is dorky but as soon as I get the new hosting I will update it with a very cool new one plus a search option and drop down boxes.

                              Did I also mention that I will be adding over 1000 links to unreal editing sites as well

                              Hi, I will host you..
                              I just sent an email to you through this forum... get back to me


                                Some free apps I have found

                                I have been doing a lot of searching over the past few days, and tried a few things, because I wanted to skin custom models, and I found upaint to be disappointing in its limitations.

                                Here are a couple of the free apps and infos about them I found, pls forgive if redundant. I posted this to another forum, and if I can save anybody the time it has taken me to find a few good apps for skinning, it would please me. My deal is that I really don't want to use Photoshop, 3dmax or maya. I think I can do skinning with free apps, once I learn my way around. Now mapping, that would be different.

                                I had a lot of trouble with unrealed, and the .dds files it exported were not being accepted by other apps, and so this happened:

                                I have tried Irfanview's .dds plugin, no good, and I even downloaded MS's DirectX 9.0 SDK, which claims to have a .dds conversion util in the package, and which was the single largest download I have ever done - ~220mb on a 56k modem! After installing though, I got an error message when trying to view the .dds files exported with unrealed. So no good. Then after a little more searching, I found a 30kb dos program that extracts images from utx files to targa, no problem. Tried it. Works. The link is found on this page:


                                And I think that the guy who made 'milkshape' continues to update some of his tools, although he hasn't bothered to update his website much for a couple of years. There is a UT Package Tool, which I think may work to extract resources from utx files for 2003, just like for goty. I notice the beta version was just updated last week or so.


                                I could extract all the images to bitmap, but have not figured out how to get the meshes in a usable form.

                                So I don't know why I can't do anything with the .dds files I have exported with unrealed, but there is something wrong here. I am going to try to work around having to use .dds for any skinning purposes for now.

                                Wotgreal is being discussed at the boards over at Atari Forums as a good file conversion util, and so I'm gonna try it. The website:


                                says its file convertor can extract the resources from the .utx files. And it is available as a stand-alone exe or as part of the WOTgreal package. I am gonna try it. Hre is what the dl page says about the converter:

                                Exporter Allows exportation of classes, meshes, textures and sounds from within a .u* file w/o the need of ucc.exe or UnrealEd
                                Image Converter Simple program to quickly manipulate images from many formats and save them into .pcx or .bmp formats (so you can include them in when you compile)

                                I guess my deal is that I really want to extract the mipmaps as graphic files, and the mesh maps too, which I want as a reference so I can easier visualize how to paint on the bitmaps, which I can then use unrealed to put into a utx, I think.

                                BTW, this string has got to be the best string on any subject I have seen. Having visited a few of the sites and tutorials listed here in the past few days, I think I can testify that you all have put together an awesome basket full of resources. It is a result of a really huge crew of enthusiastic fans, fer sure, man!