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    excellent stuff at the bototm


      thanks for the links


        Originally posted by TECHBOTA
        Well for unrealed tutorials pease dont leave me out. The banner says over 300 tutorials but its over 400 by now and there all kept up and catorgorized nicely. Ive also started linking ut2k3 tutorials.
        When you get there go to the linked tutorial section in either ut or ut2k3.
        Thanks alot , I was looking for basics and up tutorials e.t.c.

        I made a few maps for UT but just messin around and want to get serious with UT2003, Awesome work TECHBOTA

        Thanks again




          anyone have a good link for creating terrain?

          i've tried to follow that page, but it still doesn't seem to work correctly... thanxxx


            Eepers from Epic is fielding questions here


              Thx for teh n00b friendly thread, I need it.


                talking about link...

                can someone show me a direct link to any ut2k3 files for 3dsmax (converters and dunno what else but anything else)


                  No problem if you have any tutorials you want linked or hosted just email me at


                    adam3a, i am currently building up a (german) computer graphics site* and therefore have a rather good server running. if you dont mind the unusual (for non-germans) suffix .de you can have something like

                    if you wanna try the performance of the server, check my clan page

                    so, if youre interested, contact me in icq (105331177) or email at


                    *beta to be seen under
                    (only german right now, english version to come later this year)

                    ps: oops, just seeing you already got an offer


                      Here's a good tutorial for building basic humanoid low-poly models in Maya.



                        Thanks guys

                        Every since I played UT (the first one) I was amazed at the stuff you could do with it and now that UT2003 is out, I wanna get cracking on making my own stuff like maps and skins so I just about 10 minutes favoriting all of the links

                        Now I gotta read all of it lol

                        THANKS ALOT FOR THE LINKS :up:


                          im new to this so can some one give me a link where to find tutriols on how to make maps a mutateors

                          please make sure that the site explains things well beucase im slow in the head:bulb:


                            Frag Face

                            I just posted Part 5 of my complete start to finish UT2003 skinning tutorial. There are 2 more parts in the works, but they will be pretty short and geared toward final touches and releasing your skin. The bulk of information on skinning is containted in the first 5 parts. If you are still making solid black skins in Upaint and want to advance your mad skillz a bit, check out the tutorial section of Frag Face .


                              Good tutorials I added them to my ut2k3 section.


                                Originally posted by Adam3da
                                all you need is this one link it has evrything youre gonna need.

                                will be updating with more unreal ed 2 tuts as soon as there released
                                Well.. there's just one thing wrong with your page... there is no "add to favourites" button!!!!!

                                heheh thank you man, now I know how to spend long winter nights!