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    I'm new in al this, but i'd really wanted to learn.
    So thanks for al the tutorials


      MilkShape3D tutorials


        3D Modeling - Beginner's Tutorials

        3d modeling Reference's section on 3d design and modeling - info on various modeling programs and general concepts of modeling. Great to start off if you want to understand 3D modeling but can't fork out lots of money to buy computer books.

        What are N.U.R.B.S (NURBS)?
        A Webreference introduction to NURBS. Learn mesh modeling first though

        Comet's Head modeling Tutorial
        Starts off with a photo of a face, ends up with a mesh of a human head

        Ghoul's Spaceship Tutorial
        Ghoul shows how to create a spaceship from scratch. Nice one.

        Psionic Design' Comprehensive Milkshape Tutorials
        Psionic's got Milkshape fully covered - right from model creation, to skinning, to character animation. :up:


          also see Kempi's new site,

          i believe he is going to focus quite a bit on game related modeling (with ut2k3 being a major emphasis).


            somebody emailed me about hosting my site bu t I never heard from them again. whoever it was can you please email email me again.


              Don't forget

              Okay, it is a shameless plug, but how about for a good 3D resource site.


                Ive moved the site to


                ime working on an unreal dedicated section as well around 500 inks!

                will upload on friday


                  3D modeling - Tools and plug-ins

                  Habware's 3D Studio Max plug-ins - FREE
                  Great collection of tools - not all of them game modeling specific though. You can request for a plug-in, if you have the idea

                  Home of the Chilliskinner
                  A tool that makes texture mapping/skinning of your model easy. Two very good tutorials on the concept of unwrapping, plus three tutorials on using Chilliskinner complete the site.

                  Texporter produces a color coded bitmap for your mesh after the mapping coords have been generated. :up:

                  A script and extension resource for Max.

                  Unreal Unit Convertor
                  By our very own Alien. Convert different units to Unreal Units and vice versa. Useful for all unreal engines, UT2003 and Unreal 2. A download version of the same tool is available off the site.



                    Free video tutorials on Maya, XSI, 3dMax, LightWave (soon),
                    QIII modding, UT modding& scripting (almost done), UT2K3 Modding & scripting (soon)..And a brand new forum for game modding..



                      someone host Adam's page if he promises to keep it updated

                      Awesome job!


                        Lets not forget: Unreal Developers Network for game content, afterall that's why most of us are here :up:


                          Well for unrealed tutorials pease dont leave me out. The banner says over 300 tutorials but its over 400 by now and there all kept up and catorgorized nicely. Ive also started linking ut2k3 tutorials.
                          When you get there go to the linked tutorial section in either ut or ut2k3.


                            techbota r00lz

                            I have actually been referencing techbota's linksite for some time now, it was a big help in compiling my UEd Bible for UT. I expect the same for UT2K3!!!!!


                              I will host this if

                              its updated and the site is nice looking!


                                More links to links. These are essential Unreal resources...


                                And general stuff