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Various ONS vehicle factory issues

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    Various ONS vehicle factory issues

    right so I'm making a new vehicle and to test it I put it's factory in the Torlan map, I notice in the TFS views the regular vehicle factories are colored red while mine is yellow, so what does that signify?

    Also the vehicle is rather tall, so how do I make it so it spawns with a z offset from the factory, so it doesn't intersect the ground?

    Mine looks the same, if u do rmode 1 in the console.

    I found out that yellow is animation, if u look at the flak cannon, some fixed parts are yellow, but because its is a .ukx file, all homade vehicles ive seen r that way. Epic must just use some majik unreal pixy-dust to make their animations red, but u never kno, there could be a reason after all!


      I got the same problem

      it intersects with the ground in some maps
      I use a mutator (so it works on all maps)

      Z offset... How?


        The Yellow/Red mesh colour thing had me confused for a while until i found out what the difference is.

        Note: Very simple and incomplete explanation

        Basically a mesh that shows yellow is being software skinned by the CPU (processor intensive). A Red Mesh has been rigidized and is treated like a staticmesh and much better performance wise.

        You have to configure the LOD levels of the mesh to get the optimum parts of the mesh converted to rigid parts.

        See the for a more in depth explanation of it. Also a good idea to read the whole section

        Use a backup file while messing with the LOD settings and make a note of them when you happy with it, then apply to your proper package..Things can go wrong and you cant undo them AFAIK.

        Hope this helps.


          In other words rigidize your animantions those that make custom vehicles, you will get as much as a 60% decrease in render time (depends on cpu/gpu)

          It's not hard, and there is no reason not to (unless you're making a mech or some such ****)