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Rotating Fan Again

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    Rotating Fan Again

    I did a search and got a few ideas on how to do it. But then my fan still does nothing.

    in April '04 redprosthetic posted:

    "i believe you want to go into the movement tab, make sure dfixedrotationdirection is set to true, go to rotationrate and then adjust whatever attributes that you need to in there to get your fan moving in the way that you want it to."

    So I set bFixed RotationDirection=True, and RotationRate-Roll=10,000

    What am i doing wrong?


    in cases like this, i'd open another map and copy its functions


      Any idea which map I should look at?


        I'm looking



          movement tab:

          bFixedRotationDirection: True
          desiredrotation (pitch=0, yaw=65536, roll=0)
          rotation (pitch=0, yaw=32768, roll=-16384)
          rotationrate (pitch=0, yaw=40000, roll=0)
          velocity (X=0, Y=0, Z=500)

          that should work


            Make sure the fan you have in your level was put in as a mover, not just as a normal static mesh.

            In the object tab of the mover's properties, set its initial state to RotatingMover.

            For the rest, read the above posts ^_^


              Rotating Fan: Procedure & Settings

              Fank yew werri mutch

              I did exactly the way you said and I now have a rotating fan that is placed in the floor. Here's what I did:

              I added it as a mover (I selected the static mesh in the static mesh browser, and clicked on the mover button to the left of the work space - I must add that I had to go look for my mover as the editor then simply generated the StaticMesh that is now a mover somewhere else in the world).

              I then set only the following attributes:

              DesiredRotation (yaw=65536)
              RotationRate (yaw=40000)
              Velocity (Z=500)

              I left the Rotation(pitch=x, yaw=x, roll=x) unchanged at its original values as this are related to the exact positioning of the static mesh (that is now a mover) in my world. Changing this has the effect of repositioning the fan.


              Ps. A shortcut to anyone interested to locate the fan:

              Place any static mesh or block as a mover (by clicking on the mover button). Open its properties and open its Display properties.

              Copy and paste the next line into StaticMesh:





                  By the way its easier to make a karma actor (KHinge) with the motor effect placed in the middle of the fan. Theres tuts on Karma actors in the Level Editing 2 section of the bonus DVD, but ive never had any troubles with karma, and actually making small objects karma actors can do alot for the realism of a level.