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puting custom skins in upaint

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  • puting custom skins in upaint

    how the hell do u put in custom skins in upaint?

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    Um, ok, in what way do you mean 'Put In' ? If you mean getting a custom model into UPaint, you need the original .psk for it, for which you'd need to contact the author of the model.

    I think you mean exporting the character to the game though, yes? First, update UPaint:

    The updated version uses a far better method of exporting characters. Then you need to save the model with whatever name you want it to have in the game. Now just go to the file menu and select Export Character to UT2003 - it'll create a upl and texture package and you can then select the character as usual in the game.


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      the first 1 sounds like what i want but i'm not going to ask the arthor for the psk:weird:


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        Well, no .psk file = not being able to use UPaint You can still skin the model, but won't have the luxury of seeing how it looks in UPaint before adding it to the game. You'll also need to make your own upl file for the model - look at the file that comes with the model and just adjust the BodySkin, FaceSkin, and Portrait to point to your new texture package, and give it a new name