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Fluid Surface info problem

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    Fluid Surface info problem

    i have a fluid surface info set up in a large box off the floor not touching the sides but a pole running thru the middle, the thing is i will see the waves and such just fine right after i make it but when i do a build or play the level the fluidsurface stops making its waves... i have no idea wth is happening there,

    Also how do you get nice rounded waves instead of really pointy explosion like poppings... anyone know some ideal settings? anyway please help

    Well it is moving…is the texture you added
    Play with its settings /property’s or ad a FluidSurfaceOscilator found above
    FluidSurfaceInfo And also clamp FluidSurfaceInfo


      ok... it was because the fluidsurfaceinfo was within the blocker for the lavavolume...


        Yea other volumes can be a real pain sometimes. Good job finding and correcting your troubles!

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        Thanks Circus BT