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Prefab alignment oddity

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    I still can't work this out so I have resorted to duplicating as a work around.

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    Prefab alignment oddity

    Hello one and all.

    I'm just starting on the ladder of map making, every time I think I'm ready to actually worry about design I keep getting bogged down with technicalities so I thought I'd put my hand up and ask for some help.

    I have searched this forum and my bible (Wiki) but not found anything relevant so my question is:

    I have created some UV'd static meshes and imported them well enough from LightWave 7.5c. I thought for this particular section of corridor I would create a nice little group of SM's. The following is true:

    1) All SM's pre been made into a Prefab fit correctly onto the grid and follow the multiple of 2 rule.

    2) If I duplicate the same selected SM's they align perfectly if however I create a prefab of the same group and insert that they do not.

    3) Not fully understanding the quirks of UED I thought maybe I had some sort of scaling going on that I had unknowingly changed or forgotten about but the Prefab group has not changed size only alignment (typically .5 out on one or more axis)

    So where am I going wrong and do I just have to duplicate things from now on:weird:

    Any help much appreciated.