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Help, Giblets fly too high!

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  • Help, Giblets fly too high!

    I need help, on my map, there is an endless pit that kills you when you fall in it. The giblets of the person then fly up 100 feet to the upper platforms?!?! Can anyone tell me how to reduce the giblet bouncing or to just make the character not gibletify at all in the endless pit? Thanks. here is a sample pic, note, the endless pit is at least 100 ft below where my character is standing.


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    How do gibs bounce out of an endless pit?

    Maybe try making it deeper. No, I'm just joking, I really don't know what to do but I couldn't resist making a couple bad jokes. Sorry.


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      Well for one, I think that'd be a pretty cool effect... but if you're bent on getting rid of it, it's pretty simple.
      Gibs upward motion is affected by the player's dying downward motion, so you just need to slow players down before they die. You can do this by putting a PhysicsVolume in the pit and lowering the Terminal Velocity. If your pit kills people by sheer speed of impact, you'll have to add a second volume to do damage instead (or raise the red killz line if that's an option).


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        Is there a way to make the person's body not get gibulated? Like on Gael where your corpse just falls down the pit?


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          IIRC, the red KillZ line doesn't gib.