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HELP! a few questions

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  • HELP! a few questions

    I have been working on an ONS map for the past few days.
    I am having so issues with the following:

    Music: When I open the music browser to the UT music folder no files are seen with the default view. If i select show all files then i get the .ogg files from UT 2004. However when I attempt to import an .ogg file into my map Unreal Ed 3 crashes?
    How do I add music?

    Skybox: I created a skybox via a tuortial, but when i add a skyzone info actor then rebuild my map becomes unplayable, the map defourms and I get a shakey map.

    This is my first attempt at a map Ever I am sorry if these questions have been asked in the past., but any help on how to make good looking sky and place music in a map is apreshiated.
    thank you all.

    map can be downloaded here

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    For music just play the .ogg files with winamp and find one you like. In the Audio section of level properties just put in the name of the .ogg file in the music box. If the file was cool.ogg, just enter cool

    I dunno about your skybox, ive never heard of a map freaking out when you try to add a sky. You do have the walls in your main area tagged fake backdrop right?

    That looks pretty good for a first map dude. I would suggest scaling up your terrain layers, so it doesnt look so obviously tiled.


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      thank you.

      Thanks for the music help, I do have all walls set to fake backdrop I noticed the "funky" behavior not only with the skyinfo actor but with one of the cloud textures as well.
      Thank you for the terrain suggestion!