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blowing up a wall problem :D

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  • blowing up a wall problem :D

    I'm making a assault map... and ad 1 point you have to blow up a wall, by bringing a bomb to the wall.

    I already made it able to pick up a bomb and bring it to the wall (like the AS-junkyard pickup) and the wall is a destroyable objective.. which is triggered after you brought the bomb to it
    but now I want it that if you brought the bomb to the wall a explosion occurs (the bomb explodes)
    And because of that the wall will be destoyable after the bombingrun is completed it will be destroyed in the blast....
    But how do I set up a trigger to cause an explosion when the bombing run is completed?

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    trigger event..go to udn trigger tuts
    Or at end of level have trigger sequence..BOOm!!
    or AI scrip tagged to trigger /scripted trigger
    wait for event ,trigger
    trigger.. triggers event

    haha shot in the dark but im sure you will hit some thing


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      thanks at least I found a trigger tutorial now

      I found out that I have to find a way to let the trigger be affected by the objective instead of walking into the trigger radius.. but how


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        ok this is a screeny from my problem
        The objectives work (you can bring the bomb from the beach to the wall and after that the wall comes distroyable) but I want a trigger the causes a explosion(maybe a xEmmiter) when the first objective is completed


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          Try uted vtms “matinee vtms”
          Trigger_ASroundend properties::
          *Tag: ASroundend

          So now you know at end it will look at event :boom
          Now tag boom to a sequence set up as explosion animation..
          By watching vtms you will know how and you should be ok

          And it dose help if were wall blasts is chunks of static set to full wall as movers ..extra tip
          Id like to blow many things up but have not got to it yet…..vtms make it very easy just watch them once or twice ,they very well done pity new vtms did not com with every copy of ut2004 :| ,but if you think about things you can come up with solutions some may work some may not but how will you know if you don’t try :P


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            But blowing up the wall isn't the final objective, I made it that by blowing up the outer wall the attackers can infiltrate the base.. I just made it the way that when it is destroyed it change in the brokenwall mesh (it must be like the first objective in As-fallencity or the trailer doors in As-convoy)

            And I can't watch the vtms from 3dbuzz because I can't seem to get the stars from the starsystem

            but thanks for trying to help me ever frost


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              there should be good mappers out here that know this kind of stuff

              actually the big problem is... how do I make a trigger thats triggered by an event instead of being touched by a player


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                ok also found that out... scripted triggers are you friend

                but now.. How do I trigger explosions and what are network emitters?


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                  The wall shouldn't be a destroyable objective. Instead make it a mover with it's 2n'd postioion out of the playable portion of the map (underground?) and give it a move time of zero. Make some network emmiters or copy them from another AS map and then put in a ScriptedTrigger that when triggered waits a few secs and then triggers the wall and emmiters. You'l probably also want not just a flat edged explosion so make another mover that moves in and looks the same as the wall except with a hole blown in it.


                  • #10
                    thanks... Lol that is just what I did... made a mover of the wall that moves underground and is replaced by the brokenwall static mesh (that all is triggered by and scripted trigger that is activated when the first objective is completed) now I only need to know how to make a triggered explosion that damages the players nearby... but thanks for the help :up:


                    • #11
                      for the explosion trigger a volume trigger that is set to trigger a damage volume then trigger it again.


                      • #12
                        thanks firecrack this really helps me in my map :up:


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                          Only problem with the emitters is that triggers deactivate them but can't activate them.. how do you make a emitter that has to be activated before it shows his emitting powers?


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                            Originally posted by Captain_anarchy
                            Only problem with the emitters is that triggers deactivate them but can't activate them.. how do you make a emitter that has to be activated before it shows his emitting powers?
                            Ok there are a few settings, first of all just incase you dont know if you go into one of the sections there is a setting for particles per second and initial particles per second, as well as one called automatic inittial spawning. Set auto initial spawning to flase, particles per sec to 0, and initial particles per sec to somthing incredously high like 10000 and then all your particles will come out in bursts, like an explosion.

                            Now to awnser your queastion and not provide info you may already know in the local section you can set initialy active to false, then if you want it to be an explosion(as above) and not a continuous stream of particles set respawn Dead particles to true. This is in local, not location.


                            • #15
                              i have a problem with the destroyable wall... I can't change the texture!