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    What he means is:

    A single polygon (such as the cap on a cylindar) must not be vertex edited in such a way that it becomes non simple-planner-convex. If you need a convex polygon, it has to be split into two. The 2D shape editor takes care of doing this for you, so use it.



      I must say.. I read the links... and I have read the post about 50 times... but I STILL dont understand what you guys are saying about the Cylinder and the Non-Planer stuff.

      any way you can make a few images explaining this?

      I know I am a pain... But I just dont get it...



        i dont know how to put this any simpler, lol. its simple pattern recognition. all the concave shapes, if they were real, you as a 3rd person could find a place to hide in them, or sit within the structure itself, like a cave. where as convex shapes, there is no way within the shape without breaking it. unless it were hollow, and had an open side, which would make it concave, lol. a cup, a shoe, a bucket, anything that you can hold something in, is CONCAVE.


          Ah ya
          Bonehed316 & inio why are going on about crossing planes for?
          Not that it is nothing to watch out for. But he didn't bring it up and I only suggested moving verties(sp?).

          Anyho- Here somthing you might be interested in Streetgrime

          It's a max to Ued helper. it ..ah go read the site.


            learn it now or learn it later, whats the difference? if everytime someone asked a question we gave them the answer plus one or two more tips, people might ask fewer questions.