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AAACK!!! Cant Load my Brushes...

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    AAACK!!! Cant Load my Brushes...

    Please Help,

    I made a bunch of Complex Brushes. And then saved them to a directory.

    Well now I need them, But when I hit LOAD BRUSH... it doesnt LOAD!!!

    Is this because I made my own directory? ..

    Help me before I strangle myself with my Mouse cord.

    Complex brushes?

    How many polys? Ued has a max around 2000 .

    What kind of mouse? Is it a long cord?



      Yeah... turns out the cord isnt long enough.. oh well... I cant do anything right.

      Anyhow... From what I have been reading it seems like my brushes are a little complex.

      But that doesnt solve my Brushes Loading problem.

      For a while there I was able to Save and Load my Brushes all the time... Now I cant.

      I didnt change them or anything.


        I've always created a brush folder in my UT2003 folder. Then I export/import to & from there. (t3d)


          Click on the 'show log window' button before you attempt a load.

          It will give you any error info.



            Ya think it could be because of my "Brushes" directory NOT being under my UT2003 folder?

            This creating levels thing is slowly eating my brain away...

            Let me ask you guys something.


            I have been working day and night here to try and find a way to do this.

            How would you guys recommend making a Curved Sidewalk Piece? I have 3 tiles that I have made that make up my Streets.

            - Straight sidewalk Piece


            - 2 Curved Pieces (left and Right Turn)

            I have made these things in 39Million different ways.. And I always end up screwed in the end.

            My problem IS... that I want the Sidewalk itself to recieve shadows.. So obviously it has to be BSP.. otherwise it will look like Poopy.

            OK.. so that's what I did... but now since the Surfaces are curved they are all going Haywire.

            Should I just accept the fact that BSP is for ULTRA-SIMPLE geometry and go back to Static meshes? But I think I will hurt myself if I have to "BAKE" in the shadows for the WHOLE freakin Level

            What do you guys thinK?




              So just for the heck of it I went and did a FILE--> NEW..

              Then I tried to open the brushes... BAM!! it works...

              Well after some testing ... I realized that my Current Map Cannot Create any more Brushes... OR Load any Brushes...


              So basically I have to start over... With my saved brushes...

              This is insane... I think I may have to check out some other engines...

              Does anyone know how much better the ACTUAL Developer engine is?

              Do they get more support?

              Is the Engine any different? More Updated?


                This is the actual developer engine as u put it

                Game developers pay around $350,000 for their license to I guess they do get better support.

                That said, anything complex should be made in a 3D Package, like Maya Ple that comes with UT2003.


                  Re: ...

                  Originally posted by Streetgrime
                  ...How would you guys recommend making a Curved Sidewalk Piece?..
                  2D shape editor?

                  Originally posted by Streetgrime
                  ...So basically I have to start over... With my saved brushes...
                  Try exporting your whole map then reimporting it into an empty map. That should remove any weird errors that have accumulated.


                    Curbs! why didn't you say so.
                    A topic close to my heart.

                    1.Cylinder Tool
                    2.Vertex editor

                    3.,4. Grab verts and start pulling.

                    Keep the curb under 16uus so the pawns can step-up without jumping.

                    If you are attempting a large city- don't make curbs-make blocks.

                    Oh and Brushes ,maps,.u, ...etc can be in any folder for inport to Ued.



                      Thanks for the help everyone ... you guys are the best.

                      I checked out your Link Sett... your a maniac!! (maniac = hardcore dedicated) Thanks for the help!

                      I ended up doing the command where you change the Brush order to "LAST". And that seemed to Fix it.

                      Thank god that Everything else I do for this Map will be Static meshes.

                      So I get to go back to My Beloved 3DSMAX and Maya. WHEW!!!


                      Thanks again all!!!


                        Oops forgot....


                        Export my WHOLE MAP? I should probably do this... even though it seems to be working...


                        Export it as What? to Where? A brush?

                        I cant export brushes.

                        Thanks again!!


                          I think it's File -> Export.... This will generate an enormous T3D (text 3D?) file that contains everything in your map except the myLevel content. Now make a new map and import this into it. Don't quit UnrealEd between these of you'll loose any myLevel content and have to re-open the original map. Finally, rebuild to see the map as it was before.




                            I will try it when I get home. <Stuck at work>



                              never turn a cylinder inside out, lol. and i dont believe cylinders can become concave shapes, like an L or W or X. they have to be convex, like an O or a D. also, please read into semi solids. if youre going to be making lots and lots of bsp, then youre going to need to learn about the bsp tree, and why bsp holes occour, because youre on your way to getting them.




                              try not to hurt yourself reading those, lol.