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    Host file distribution

    Now, I know this is quite basic to the essence of Unreal Tourney, but I've yet to see much information on this. A tutorial would be best, but maybe someone could explain it simply.

    How do files get distributed from the host, what kinds of files are sent, what files are server-side and which are client-side, how do you set up a server that will distribute all the necessary files?

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

    For instance, the Remote Strike mod... Everyone had the mod installed AND the host comp had Serverpackages:Remotestrike mod (or whatever the actual code is) and only the host could see the weapons! The other comps couldn't see or pick up any guns (making the games rather one-sided). Similarily for AlphaCoop, only the host could see the proper enemy models (they're enemy's defaulted to the green beret black dude). This is especially odd as the Invasion monsters used in AlphaCoop are universal for UT2K4...

    Thanx ahead of time.

    Edit: I have found the Alpha-Coop bug is simply a problem with the game under UT2K4, not a file distrib problem.