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HARD terrain question(read if daring)

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    thanks a bunch, just what i needed! i'm turning my college campus(5km square) into a UT map, and i got the architects help, as long as he gets to use it to make scenes to show the president and such

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    Easy squizee cheezee.

    Try applying a planar UV-map from "above" the plane (looking directly down)
    then use Texporter, a plug in. (if you don't have it, get it from )

    use these texporter settings:
    "Ploygon Fill" (they spelt it wrongly )
    none of the other options below that in the "display" header.
    then in the "Colorize by:" header, turn on Smooth Colors, and choose the "W (Mapping Depth)" option below that.
    then type in a reasonable size for your map size (1024x1024 or whatever) and then click Pick Object and select your plane.
    if you just did a basic planar map from above then you should get a nice greyscale map.

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    the heightmap is a (usally, sometimes it's 8) 16bit grayscale bitmap.

    You would need a program that can convert the mesh to a bit map, and I don't know of one

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  • started a topic HARD terrain question(read if daring)

    HARD terrain question(read if daring)

    ok, so i have autoCAD contour maps of a real area that i want to map into unrealEd. i know some of the steps, which might be useful to some people, but i want to see if anyone has the missing link.

    first, i import the DWG into 3D studio. next i create terrain with the contour splines created by MAX. the tough part is getting this terrain into unrealEd so it can by modified(heightmap and such)

    things i can do, but dont want(but others might want):

    convert terrain into editable mesh, export to ASE, import as static mesh.

    convert terrain to editable mesh(solid terrain), export to ASE, use ASEtoT3D to change to unrealtext, import as brush, subtract or whatever in unrealEd

    so my goal is to make 3d studio terrain into a heightmap, also use that to photoshop my textures, then import all those into unrealEd so i can make final adjustments using the excellent terrain modifing tools

    what format is heightmap, what programs can deal/export that format?

    told you it was tough....