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    I want to create some assault objectives but I can not figure out how to do that by myself

    I need the tutorial that was promised to be released shortly! after the game comes out :bulb:

    the game was released over a month ago




      This isn't a full tutorial but it's a start, I think willhaven posted it a couple weeks ago....

      these two things should get you started anyways.

      1) locations of objectives.


      ASOBJ_EnergyCore_Spawn: this is the engine in AS-Junkyard that you take back to the jeep

      ProximityObjective>ASOBJ_EnergyCore_Delivery: this is the return point

      DestroyableObjective: this is a cylinder shaped shoot spot.

      DestroyableObjective>DestroyableObjectiveSM: this is a destroyable objective that is shaped like a staticmesh. you can change the static mesh used under the display properties. this way you get per-poly collision on the mesh you want to shoot

      ProximityObjective: this is a cylinder shaped trigger that is an objective. touch it and its complete.

      UseObjective: stand in the radius and hit USE to disable it.

      HoldObjective: these are like the handles and the missiles in convoy. you stand on them, a mover moves. when you die, it stops where you left it. this objective is normally used in conjunction with a mover set to "TT_TrigerAdvance." the trigger advance setting will make it hold position instead of return when the person touching it dies. the proper sequence is to give the mover a tag, give the hold objective a tag, then make a scripted trigger that sets off your new spawn points and any effects you want.

      the tag of the mover is put in the hold objective (under the assault tab i think) so when you are in the radius of the hold objective, it will move the mover, when the mover is done, it will trigger the hold objective, and the hold objective will set off any scripting

      TriggeredObjective: an objective that you trigger through scripting.

      2) spawn progression

      under Info there is an actor named PlayerSpawnManager. place a bunch of playerstarts and give them a team # of anywhere between 0 and 255. put the PlayerSpawnManager near them and set it to the team you want to use those spawn points and set it to the proper team # of those player starts.

      i usually make attackers use even numbers and defenders use odd ones.

      so the first attacker spawn will be 0, the next 2, the next 4.

      defender spawn numbers would be 1, 3, 5 etc...

      you can also make the teams use the same playerstarts by having them use different player spawn managers at different times. so the defenders might start out using playerstarts with the # 8. when an objective is completed, you would ENABLE the playerspawnmanager for the attackers to use 8, you would ENABLE the defense next spawn area, then you would disable both the old PSMs.

      its kind of complicated since you arent directly triggering the player starts like you would in UT. but its a lot more flexible this way.

      laurent (assault coder) and i are planning on putting together some documents that cover setting up all the assault scripting. and i want to (if i have time) do a tutorial on making your own emitter effects (explosions and nice special effects), also a small tutorial on how to do scripted triggers properly.

      if you need any other help, keep posting here and i will help when i can.

      [edit] also. if you want to do some SAFE triggering of PSMs. use a scripted trigger with some ACTION_ASSetPlayerSpawnArea lines. these will make SURE that the PSM you link through a tag will be set the way you want. it makes sure that its enabled or disabled. directly triggering PSMs (which you can do) can sometimes be messy.

      if you arent familiar with scripted triggers. read up on them at the UDN. they are sort of like dispatchers from Unreal and UT, but are MUCH better and more powerful.

      we made a bunch of specific actions for assault that will be documented soon [/edit]


        :up: YAY! An assault tutorial!:up:


          thats a very very small sample of the kind of stuff in the tutorial


            Originally posted by -=¤willhaven¤=-
            thats a very very small sample of the kind of stuff in the tutorial
            can we gat an ETA, a progress report, or best yet, just what general things you are covering in the tutorial and what is complete?


              the tutorial should cover all actors/script relevant to assault. controling spawn points, sentinels, vehicles, how to set up vehicles as objectives, how to set up all the objective types, and a general purpose descriptions of the new actions we've made for assault that are used in scripted triggers (for all the script required to set off events and spawn progress etc)

              we might also have the time to throw together a general "emitters for assault" section.

              time depends. laurent and i are both pretty busy at the moment, but we've shot some emails back and forth. the tutorial is nearly done, but needs some more stuff before we release it.

              i just looked over it now. its HUGE


                I've been gone for some time, the assault tut didn't come out while I was gone did it? Will it be stickied when it does?


                  Originally posted by Diego1203
                  Will it be stickied when it does?
                  you bet


                    this is good news. thanks guys. the doc will be much appreciated.


                      I made a smal spacefighter tutorial but it got pushed back pretty quick.


                      I still need to figure out how to make a landing site. I also need to figure out how to make the spacefighters lockon to enemies. Other than spacefighters I am having a problem with sentinals and torrets (with AI) shooting there own teams.


                        Still waiting... I'm doing a single-player assault-based map for a school project and I need to get it done sooner or later -_-

                        But I respect that these guys are going way out of their way to make these tutorials, so take your time!



                          Here's a tutorial for doing spacefighters the way its done in mothership.


                            Ok dokay...

                            the best AS mapping tut. I know is here:
                            Assault Mapping Tutorial

                            As of yet it hasn't been finished but that is something for me to do...



                              Nice work!