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Static Meshes dont want to move from packages

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  • Static Meshes dont want to move from packages

    I have a map with some SM on it, but I want to take them out of the mylevel package to a new package, so what I do is basically rename the SM and put the name of the package instead of mylevel.
    Good everithing looks fine, I save my new package in the staticmesh folder, rebuild the map and save it (I didn't save the mylevel package).
    Good Everything is there, now I close the editor and I run the map and my map is perfect.
    Now the problem is when I go back to the editor to continuing editing my map, the editor tells me that some textures and meshes are lost and will be saved as Null

    Anybody else who have seen this before?
    Is the editor that unstable?
    how can I recover my textures and StaticMeshes from those newly created packages to continue editing the map?

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    Well, im not sure why on earth you would want to make seperate packages but if you do and the editor asks you to save them when you close out then you got to save then as .usx in the UT2004 Static Mesh folder and they also need to carry that name in the build.

    Then when the editor loads the map it will see the new packages in the .usx/static mesh folder so it can load them.

    But if you want to put your map out on the web when your done then you would need to include all the extra packages you made.

    I dont really undersatnd your logic and if I did I might be able to help you better!

    If your taking mylevel from another map and are afraid of flags just rename the file by adding a letter on the end but you dont want to rename mylevel unless you might be doing some sort of exporting ect.


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      I t has happened to me but i havent goten a replay back on my post.


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        Well, my thing is that im creating a mod of the game for one of my clases at Boston College, so a couple of meshes will be used by differents maps (like weapons)

        I keep looking at this issue and triying to find out a reason why the editor do this.

        If I open the map from the editor, the warning messages prompt telling me about the missing textures/meshes.

        I close the editor and open it again, this time instead of opening the map, I went to the Static Mesh window and open my created package and they are all there and the textures are pointing to mylevel, so everything looks fine from there.
        Now from this point if I open the map the errors won't prompt (I belive is because the meshes are already loaded)

        I save the map and the package, close the editor, open it again and load the map and the warning window pop up again!

        This is driving me insane, what the heck is going on???


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          Any way you can package it up for me to look at? Be much faster for me to figure it out that way.