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Inverted Terrain acting wierd

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  • Inverted Terrain acting wierd

    Got a strange issue here, I'm working on an ONS map that takes place inside a cave. I have 2 terrains in my map, 1 everyone walks/drives on, the other one that makes the ceiling for the level. Wierd thing is that Raptors can fly straight up through it like it's not there, but cannot fly back down through it, and if you drop the raptor down to the inverted terrain and jump out of the Raptor, you fall to your death, all the way down to the floor terrain. And the Raptor stays above the inverted one!!!

    Has anyone else discovered this issue, and possibly found a solution to it other than a couple hundred blocking volumes?

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    weird...I'd help but I've never tried that before...


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      (I dont know anything about Terrain, but I think>) I would think that the cave ceiling terrain is facing the wrong direction. In other words, you may need to flip the terrain upside down so that the true "top-side" of it is facing down. I think the raptors fly through it because it's as if they are underground.

      How do I explain it better? Here's a regular terrain:

      ___/ \_/ \____/ \________

      You can walk on top of it.
      But, what if you moved it to the ceiling? You can walk on TOP of terrain, but can you still bump into it from underneath? If a raptor flies into the underside of your terrain, perhaps it's going right through because you're only supposed to colide with the top-side, not the underside.

      I may be completely wrong, but if not, try flipping your terrain upside-down and seeing if it works.


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        I had to adjust a setting in the terrain's properties to make it inverted to work as the ceiling. It works in all aspects except with the raptor. Missiles blow up on contact, even tried making a negative gravity zone, and it threw me straight into the upper terrain, and splat... I died hitting it, just like I would from the fall to regular terrain. from above, the terrain is invisible, but from below, it looks just like it should, but the Raptor can fly through it on the way up....:cry:


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          i built a test map to see whats up (pun intended), looks like maybe the karma props for the Terrain actor aren't inverted along w/everything else, so vehicles aren't blocked properly (i.e., from below). i used your neg-grav trick to stick a Scorp to the upper terrain -- it's wheels stopped it from going all the way through, but once up there it was stuck, and invulnerable (even with a 'deemer), and though it could be moved out of the neg-grav region with rocket blasts, etc., it still wouldn't fall.

          blocking volumes or a custom-fit collision hull (invisible static mesh) may be your best recourse.


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            can anyone think of something that won't involve about a weeks worth of work?


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              I really need help with this, Raptors are kind of needed in my map, to reach a couple areas that cannot be reached otherwise, and this map is frelling huge to be using blocking volumes for the terrain (which is not anywhere near smooth)


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                I'll probably try out an inverted terrain myself (once I get bots to follow those little flying apples). I'll report back what I find out. I am too far away from UED at the moment to look at it.


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                  I would like to help you, but I do not have much experiance with the UED. I am more into 3ds max, however I might be able to offer some help.

                  You could set the stallZ to just below the roof of your cave, thus preventing raptors from reaching it. Then you would still have problems with terrain that drops below the stallz.

                  However, you can easily make custom collision boxes with the UED. If you dont know how I believe it is in a tutorial on Planet Unreal. The jist of it is, you can use the red brush to make a collision box of any shape you can make the red brush into. If you do it this way, try to make the box as smooth as you can, without having a ton of corners and vertecies. (It will help for optimization).

                  Other than that, I believe I read somewhere about being able to export your terrain into 3ds or Maya. Then you can easily make it into a static mesh and then bring it back into your level.

                  I hope this helps.


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                    Some nice ideas, unfortunately when I said large level, I mean HUGE (around 24000x24000 units in x,y) and the I need the blocking to be terrain forming. I don't have the first clue on using 3DMax, and I don't have the money to buy it. There's got to be some setting that I'm missing here, either in the terrain itself, or in the vehicles.... :cry:


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                      Originally posted by CMan
                      I believe I read somewhere about being able to export your terrain into 3ds or Maya. Then you can easily make it into a static mesh and then bring it back into your level.
                      not sure about exporting the terrain, but if you export the terrain heightmap, some 3D apps can use it (or an rgb or 8-bit GS version of it) as a displacement map for generating a low-poly static mesh version of the terrain, that can then be used as a collision hull.

                      i'll look into generating this kind of thing in Maya PLE & post back. sounds like a useful workaround.

                      btw, there' s no reason to think you're missing a setting -- not all possible mapping configurations can be anticipated & coded for -- otherwise, we'd never need patches!

                      ("we don' need no steenkin' patches!")


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                        Here's a screenshot taken from inside a raptor flying above the upper terrain, you can see from the pic why it would be so hard for me to construct a bunch of collision blocks...


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                          You could set the stallZ to just below the roof of your cave, thus preventing raptors from reaching it. Then you would still have problems with terrain that drops below the stallz
                          just an FYI, if your using terrain, you can bounce the raptor past the stallz line. in ONS severence and Torlan the answer to this was to install kill zones.


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                            i was able to make an invisible collision hull in Maya 5 PLE that closely conforms to the upper terrain in a test map. here's some screenies:

                            this shows the upper terrain in the test map (for ONS)

                            the "heightmesh" collision hull has been added. this is how it was placed for in-game testing

                            the hull & the terrain conform closely.

                            in-game, this is as far as i could go before colliding with the heightmesh, whose bHidden = true so it's invisible in game but still blocks.

                            way up close to the upper terrain, the viewpoint camera gets cramped, so some separation between heightmesh & terrain is needed or the camera will take a view from above the terrain -- not good.

                            the test heightmesh was 100 units square in Maya 5 PLE, with a final polycount of 19600 tris (less than a 128 x 128 terrain). it was scaled in DrawScale3D to closely match the terrain size. fewer polys would mean less conformance to the terrain but should still work OK.

                            for Raptor collision to work, i set the static mesh properties UseSimpleKarmaCollision = false and UseSimpleBoxCollision = false, which means per-poly collision and some processor overhead, but remember that no one should be walking on it, just aircraft bumping into it.

                            'Khan, if this looks like something that you'd find useful, i'll post instructions on making the collision hull in Maya 5 PLE.

                            BTW, total R&D & testing time approx. 3.5 hours (made longer by the fact that my 2k4 UEd no longer opens the Actor Properties window -- i had to use the editactor command to set props. SLOOOOWWW...)


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                              very nice, and yea, I would love a walk-through on how to do this, I've been driving myself nuts just trying to export the terrain into Maya. (about 10 hours total, with no results... would've helped if I had a working knowledge of Maya to begin with though)