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Maya texturing questions

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    Maya texturing questions

    ok.. i admit i'm a tard.
    i've looked at a few different texturing tutorials - and most seem to assume i am very familiar with Maya.. and i'm not.

    i have a mesh that i would like to texture to get an idea of what the final model might look like.

    does anyone have a step-by-step guide [preferably illustrated] to UV mapping - exporting the map - texturing in PS - importing the texture to Maya - applying the texture - and finally exporting to UED?

    i've already searched the forum for this.. but most links peeps have posted are either incomplete tutorials or are a bit too advanced for my weak skills.

    can anybody give me a nudge in the right direction?

    ** maybe 'texturing for dummies'? lol **

    Ok, I assume you are talking about texturing a mesh and not skinning a character. The steps you metioned concern character skinning.
    To texture a mesh just apply your different materials to the corresponding faces of your mesh. After exporting the mesh to UED you have to reassign the mesh with the corresponding textures that now have to be in a texture package in UED.
    Its rather simple. The Bonus DVD Tutorials are of great help.