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Trigger Problem in UnrealED

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    Trigger Problem in UnrealED

    I inserted a UseTrigger in UnrealEd and set its Event name. Then I added a triggerJoint (i coded from a KBSJoint) that holds two meshses together and gets destroyed when triggered. I set its tag to the same thing as Event name in the UseTrigger.

    EDIT :: This is the problem: The joints connect a few static meshes together and forms a bridge. When the map starts the bridge moves a little. But if i press the trigger after the bridge stops moving the static meshes dont fall even though the joints are supposed to be destroyed. I have to shoot the bridge after i press the trigger to make it fall.

    NOTE: If the bridge is still moving when I press the trigger then it works fine and the meshes fall.

    I have both the joint and the trigger's lifeSpan set to 0.

    Anyone know how I can fix this.


    its seems like a startEnabled type problem