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deco layers

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  • deco layers

    hi i have follow many tutorials read many searches but still i cannot make decolayers.

    please can some one type here or somewhere an idiot proof guide to createing grass on a terrain.

    what i mean is:

    1. open up the terrain tool
    2. click on the decorations

    please say the exact textures you used, etc.

    the reason i would like this is because i can then see exactly where i am going wrong.

    thank you

    my map is almost complete, when i have finished it i will try and put it for everyone to d/l if they want :up:

  • #2
    Usually where people mess up is the FadeOut Radius. The Min number has to be larger than the Max number.


    • #3
      check the hey rachel thread for a possible answer!


      • #4
        Ok, let me with my bad english give a try about the texture.

        First I suppose you have made a terrain in your map, haven't you?
        The texture you have choosen for your terrain is saved as Alphamap in your MyLevel-package.
        Do you know Mylevel-package and can you find it?

        If you can find it you will see one texture named Alphamap and one named Heightmap, but they are both just grey, ok?
        The grey texture named Alphamap is the one you have to use in the decolayer.

        Hope you understood me


        • #5
          i found the my level package where does it say alpha map and height map??? what is G16 and RGBA8 (R=red G=green B=blue i suppose but what does it mean???)

          checking out the hey rachel thread aswell


          • #6
            Don't you see any grey textures named Alphamap and Heightmap in Mylevel-package?
            You should see that if you have made a terrain


            • #7
              nope??? i have a terrain though.:bulb:


              • #8
                No, wait a minute...I'm wrong now.
                I made my terrains from an old tutorial and it was tolding that you have to save the terrain-texture as Alphamap in Mylevel-package...but I can see in Rachel's tutorial that you don't have to.

                So you must have saved your terrain-texture in your own name in your own texture-package for your map, haven't you?
                Then open your own texture-package and locate the terrain-texture...but that texture should be grey.

                Sorry I was confusing you