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Wrapping up Voice Packs

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  • Wrapping up Voice Packs

    Okay, so I have been through <a href="">Fraggin_Phun's</a> voice pack tutorial. However I am stuck on the very last part. Well, step 5. You see, I am trying to add my new voice pack "BMD1.uax" to a model I downloaded. The Teddy (bear) model. Well. I have re-read the tutorial and changed every little detail over and over and it still does not show. I have created a new upl file and things look exactly like it is <b>supposed</b> to from the tutorial, yet it doesn't work. Does anyone know of another tutorial or a way for mine to come up and work?

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    Are you sure you've completed the final step and have a <yourpackage>.u file in the UT'03\system-directory ?

    I'd have to say that creating packages (one .uax for the sounds and one .u for the voiceclass) with identical names like the tutorial says is something that could cause problems ...
    At the least it's confusing for humans.

    Anyways at step 5 you should have 2 packages :
    - a <yourpackage>.uax containing the voices

    - a <yourpackage>.u containing the actual voicepack-class

    It's this one you should use in your .upl-file.

    Or if that's too much you could do :
    (a) start the botmanager v2.0 (see my signature for the links & latest patch)

    (b) go to 'File -> New'

    (c) give the character a name

    (d) choose the model 'TeddyAnim.Teddy' should be in the list of available choices

    (e) click 'next'

    (f) click on the 'folder'-icon in the 'Voice'-groupbox (if the icon is 'grey' first click on the 'choose new voice'-radiobutton)

    (g) you should see a new dialog. Find the .u-package you've made (using yet another 'folder'-button to locate it)

    (h) you should now see a list of the classes in that package.
    There should be one that says 'XGame.xVoicepack'. Select it and click 'ok'.
    Click on the 'Try Voicepack'-button to see if it's the right one
    (next patch will add a few features to this dialog)

    (i) that's all that's required so click on the 'summary'-tab to verify your choices.

    (j) click on 'ok' to add the new character to the list

    (h) save the list ('File -> Save' or 'File -> Save as ...')