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Import Old Characters

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    Import Old Characters

    Hello! I'm fairly new at using the Unreal Editor, but I've been learning quite a lot about map making and have also messed around with movies. I looked at some of the character tutorials to try and find the answer to this question, but could not find anything.

    My question is, how can I import and old character of mine from UT into 2004? It's a regular human character, and could probably use the same animations as the other humans (Malcolm, Brock, whatever) in 2004. Basically, i'm looking to convert my character into 2004. I have the body parts for the character as textures in UnrealED 2.0, but would like to be able to place them onto a character in 3.0 and play as that character. I guess an easier way to put this, is I want to skin an already-created character with skins that are already available, but from the older game.

    I'm sure this can be done... with patience and some time... but does anyone have any quick pointers on what I should try doing?

    All help is GREATLY appreciated.