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how do i installing umods

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    how do i installing umods

    I’ve downloaded umods for ut2004 skins, mods, and stuff but I don't know how to install them. Is there a file extractor I need?
    I remember ut99 had an extractor program or some thing

    If there is a new extractor can some one tells me were I can get to download it?

    umod is an extractor & A installer

    just doubleclick it, it will do everything for you.


      i've tryed clicking on it. the once shows up as an unknown file type


        I have exactly the same Problem havoc and i dont find a solution to extract these files

        but i know now this are "no umod"-files ,"umod"-files are selfextracting

        but it dont helps me forward

        I tried a Program with name Umod-Wizard and it can read this files but dont extract it
        after 5 steps and nothing happened i gived up


        i hope some1 help us


          I found out how to unzip umods. I can't remember how I found the program to do this it was some thing like umod tool. Try looking on or I think I found it on one of those places


            you need to make a registry association for the file type.

            I've made a .reg file, you just have to change the d:\ut2004 to where you have your ut2004 installed to.


            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




            @="&Play this UT2004 level"

            [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\umod_auto_file\shell\open\comman d]
            @="d:\\UT2004\\System\\ucc umodunpack -x \"%1\" "



              umod installer.......



                Originally posted by frogger187
                umod installer.......

                Only works with umod and ut2mod file extension.

                Use my UMod Browser or download the UT2k4 registry fix.
                For download location see my sig.




                  Originally posted by WinterZen

                  @="d:\\UT2004\\System\\ucc umodunpack -x \"%1\" "
                  This is the critical part, and you need to change the path to match your installation. You can just run this command from the command line, substituting the umod filename where you see \"%1\". (The quotes are there in case the file has (ugh) spaces in the name.)


                    File associations. When you doubleclick, does Windows popup a box asking what to do with the file? If so, use Browse and select the Setup.exe in your UnrealTournament(x) System directory.


                      Well, just tried that to install the EavyServerBrowser.umod and it seems to unpack the files but I can't figure out how to activate it.



                        Oh, and if I use setup.exe to try to install it, it says it can't find my UT2004 installation. The registry entries have the path to g:\games\ut2004 which looks right.


                          If you go through some of the weirder properties menus you'll find that the setup file needs to have a console command after the 'setup.exe'. I haven't done this personally, but I know it's possible.

                          Unfortunately, I don't know what the command is. Hopefully this will help anyway.