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UT-Hall of Giants tubes

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    I'm no expert, but something I recently read in a tutorial might help. There is a member of the PhysicsVolume called GroundFriction. Try setting that to zero.

    (The tutorial that mentions this is here: It's near the bottom.)

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  • started a topic UT-Hall of Giants tubes

    UT-Hall of Giants tubes

    I'm making a map similar to Hall of Giants from the first UT, replete with those speed tubes to shoot you around the level. I made the tubes and used physics volumes to adjust the velocity within them appropriately, but when I use the tubes, I catch on the ceiling - no static meshes in it or anything, just the flat ceiling - of the tunnel or I drag on the floor and it makes like I'm walking real fast. I tried adjusting the gravity with various positive and negative values so the ride would float a bit more, but it didn't help too much as I still drag on the floor or ceiling. I also tried using a blocking volume to define the inside of the tunnel, but that didn't do a thing either. Does anyone know how they made those flawless speed tubes in Hall of Giants? Thanks.