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How to create an aesthetically pleasing sky?

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    How to create an aesthetically pleasing sky?

    I've read all the tutorials I have been able to find (Angel Mappers, UDN, Wiki, various other sites) and I just can't seem to figure out how to make a sky that looks very good.

    Maybe I am looking in the wrong texture sets but for the most part I have been unable to find any skies that look anywhere near as attractive as the ones in 2004.

    My problem isn't that I can't figure out how to get a sky working, I just don't know where to look I guess. I've tried a ton of different texture sets and all the skies seem to just be a layer of clouds or such, but in a lot of the maps I see a ton of gorgeous detail in the skies, which my skies seem to lack.

    This is a very lame question and I am kind of embarassed to have to post it here, but I really have exhausted all my resources. Also if there is any other tips on sky design anyone could suggest (I particularly think Albatross is the most visually pleasing level available) for a nice outdoors area, it would be appreciated.

    (1) You can always use the editor to look at the maps where you like the skies, find out what textures are being used and if necessary copy the whole skybox. Sometimes you'll find that the final version of the texture is in MyLevel, in other words local to the map.

    (2) While you're doing that, you'll probably also find that the best ones are made up from multiple objects - a mesh cylinder for the main background, and separate sheets with panning clouds, are the most common tricks.


      Skyboxes are hard...

      i suggest that you look at all the skyboxes in the Epic maps...

      see how they set things up

      meshes, fog, lights, emitters, movers, textures... etc..

      that will be a great source to show you.

      if you want custom textures for your skybox, thats the hard part...

      if you want that i suggest you get the custom Skybox Kit.

      Another thing, which is what i do the 99% of the time is copy a skybox from a epic stock map, then leave the textures alone, and use meshes, lights, and emitters if i want to make it look diff.

      you can remove meshes, add meshes, remove the fog rings, or add a sheet with a panning cloud texture, add fog, change the color of the fog, add more lights, change the color of the lights... etc..